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Day 7 - Sunday Swimming - Aberystwyth

I wake up early and take my daughter swimming at the local pool. I spend most of my time under water, it is other worldly. She spends most of her time attached to my back like a horse rider. I'm not sure she appreciates my own very real need to breathe.

I arrange to meet Alan tomorrow at 12:30 to discuss the project. I also learn how to publish my blog to Facebook and the NTW community simultaneously. This results in almost instant feedback from… Continue

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Multi-Tasking, Isn't It?

One of my favourite details in Alan Harris's play, A Good Night Out in the Valleys (Go as You Please), which opens for preview on Thursday, is that everyone and everything 'doubles up'. The idea came about in two ways. When we were running a workshop in Ammanford Miners Institute (with the fabulous Mess Up the Mess youth theatre) as part of the research for the show, we noticed that a lot of the local shops seemed to be doing a 'two in one' kind of business - the first one we noticed was… Continue

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Day 6 - End of the First Week - Aberystwyth

It's Saturday and despite not getting to bed until 3:30 in the morning I still wake up before 9. The problem with being busy is that immediately on waking a thousand thoughts enter your head and as a consequence going back to sleep isn't really an option. The first week of the project is almost over and I feel pleased with the progress that I have made. Despite much aimless wandering on Monday and Tuesday I soon found direction and the interview with Mike Pearson on Thursday along with a… Continue

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45th Anniversary of Pinter's The Homecoming

45 years ago yesterday, The New Theatre premiered Pinter's The Homecoming to a shocked audience. In yesterday's BBC Radio Wales broacast Benedict Nightingale, The Times's outgoing theatre critic, remembered the occasion.

It's short, but it's a nice little insight into a very important moment in Wales's theatrical past.

Go here: (24 minutes in)…

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Day 5.5 - Breakfast of Champions - Downstairs at the Commodore cinema Aberystwyth

Today (Friday) ended somewhere around 3am on Saturday morning in the Castle pub in Aberystwyth. I can't be sure if I am blogging Day 5 or day 6. A combination of both perhaps. Day 5.5.

Much of Friday was spent in the…

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Nearly just needs an audience

This is the last friday blog from me. So ill cut the gush and get to the point. This week has been about fine tuning. If you liken the process to creating a menu ..then

Week 1 - we looked at the recipe and did the shopping for ingredients.Week two we looked at the bill and said blimey we cant afford that! we didnt really..sorry i digress....

Week 2 - we prepared the courses and picked out our favourite parts of the meal.

And the following…


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And here comes the fear.....

Hello blog peeps.

Ok, so I know that by now you are all used to the comedy blogging genius of Mr Boyd "Bertolt" Clack, but I thought you should know something of the other side of the rehearsal process.

It is a method I like to call "Sheer Bloody Panic"!!!!! (a good name for a band methinks?!)

So, as some of you may know, we've had a bit longer than usual to rehearse 'A Good Night Out....' and that has been invaluable to all of us. We…


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Day 4 - Mike Pearson Interview 1 - Aberystwyth

The first action of the project arrived today in the form of an interview with Mike Pearson about The Persians. We meet in his office and negotiate the space with a rather large video camera. Mike sits against the wall in the corner and I set the camera up with seeming confidence, thanks Dorian. The camera is definitely secure in it's mount… Continue

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Day 3 - Camera Training - Aberystwyth

Video camera training with Dorian in the department of Theatre, Film and Television, Aberystwyth. I can now safely mount and remove the camera from the tripod. I should also be able to achieve decent quality sound tomorrow when I meet with Mike. I have a few concerns over the availability of the cameras and while I have been given assurance that one will always be available I'm not sure that this is the right way to go. I think I need a less conspicuous… Continue

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Introducing our New Critics!

Academi and National Theatre Wales are really excited to introduce our 4 New Critics to the National Theatre Wales community. Click on their names to discover who they are and be taken to their profile pages. Some have their own online blogs too. They will be posting their reviews of National Theatre Wales shows on here and will be generally engaging in all sorts of online conversations, just like all of you already do.…


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Absolut Fringe: Get Involved in Dublin's Fringe Festival!


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Meeting for Radio Dramatists - aspiring and established

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain is pleased to announce a meeting with Kate McCall, Senior Producer, Radio Drama BBC Wales.

Kate will be talking about her work at the BBC, her relationship with writers and the current radio…


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Day 2 - The National Library - Aberystwyth

I have been surprised by the amount of traveling that I have done over the last two days. I had imagined myself sat at a desk for the best part of three years and as yet there is not even the slightest hint of a table, unless of course it were the kind you eat from. I was sat on the stairs in the departmental building for a time this morning. Waiting for a signature. On reflection this wasn't the best use of my time, however… Continue

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Lotte van den Berg & Merel de Groot workshop opportunity in Vienna!

WHERE YOU ARE / public space in Jerusalem, Vienna and Kinshasa…


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Day 1 - St. David's Day - Aberystwyth

I spent the early part of the morning attempting to arrange an over sized Welsh rugby shirt on a rather disappointed six year old. My daughter explained that the other children don't play with her when she doesn't dress as a Welsh lady. As this only happens once a year and is already an identifiable pattern in her short school life, I figure that the emotional scar caused by not dressing like a Welsh lady might stay with her well into adulthood. I… Continue

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