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Work on in New York this July

I know this is miles and miles away from Wales, but if anyone happens to be in NYC this July and fancies a bit of theatrical escapism from Central Park, then I have a piece in this:

It's free (always good!) and there should be a much larger site-specific piece to follow around Christmas time, touch wood!

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Lacuna @ Springboard

This is my second play which I wrote as part of the Sherman's New Writing Course last Autumn. It's getting a public rehearsed reading as part of Egin: Springboard at the Sherman. Please feel free to come along and hold my hand.

Matthew X


By Matthew Bulgo

Directed by Suzanne Phillips

Cast: Caitlin Richards and Gareth Milton

Sally can remember everything. Except the face of her lover. Her memory is full, apart from the gaps where… Continue

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4 more chances to see The Exquisite Corpse

Hello all

Like the title says...only 4 more performances left of True/Fiction Theatre's critically acclaimed production of The Exquisite Corpse. If you happen to be in London between now and the end of the week, do try and catch it!

"Magical... Mesmerising... Beautiful storytelling"

The Guardian (4 stars)

It's running at the Southwark Playhouse, every night until Saturday 30th May at 7:30.

More details can be found… Continue

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My new play - Sherman Cymru!

Here is the link for my new play being put on as part of SpringBoard in the Sherman:

Added by Alexander Vlahos on May 26, 2009 at 12:00 — 4 Comments

Guardian Article

Hi NTW-folk,

Had a truly delightful time at the launch party last week. Very excited about everything.

Have written up a little piece for the Guardian blog about it.

Let me know your thoughts.

All the best,


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Mapping wales/interviews

Here is are some interviews about what would be the 3 things that represent Wales for you, the 3 things that are your Wales.
Add yours, please.

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Kids shows

I went to the theatre twice last week, and both times to shows for tiny kids. The first one was FINDING LEAVES FOR SOUP, Theatr Iolo's gorgeous show for nursery kids, and the other was Fevered Sleep's brilliant BRILLIANT at Sadlers Wells in London. If only more grown-up theatre had the same vision, surreality, enchantment, magic, delicacy and freedom. I took my 3 year old son with me both times, and we were equally rapt, LOVED them both - the gentle, mud-slinging, boat-floating, leaf-crunching… Continue

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Young Peoples Writing Squads

Academi part fund Young Writing Squads who develop the literary talents of young writers across Wales. (Link to their site for info)

It would be wonderful if NTW could work with the groups and establish some new ones.

I believe Tim Baker and NYTW are developing the work of young dramatists perhaps this is the sort of project that the squads,NYTW and NTW could support as the infrastructure support is already in place.

Have you got… Continue

Added by Guy O'Donnell on May 25, 2009 at 19:30 — 1 Comment

Radio 5 Pods & Blogs piece

There was a nice piece about our social network on Radio 5 Live's Pods & Blogs section.
The 'novelty' of the strategy has generated media interest and should hopefully bring some new members. The podcast version of the feature will be online shortly.

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Pink snakeskin boots and dramaturgs

And so to Madison, four hours on a Greyhound bus. The city recently lost its Rep, apparently owing to the economic downturn, so things are feeling a little chilly on the shores of the great lakes. Rattle on about what’s happening for us in Wales when I’m asked (and I am asked, frequently – people seem to be truly interested, even though I usually have to explain that no, Wales isn’t in England, nor is it near London). Realise how extraordinary the potential of NTW is, plus how vibrant the… Continue

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Things I Did The Day After Housewarming

1. Sweated out the last of the Magic Lagyr at the STAR Centre.
2. Scrubbed tomcat wee off the bin with a one part bleach to five parts water solution.
3. Went for a meeting about a TV project with the tallest man in Wales, who told me to cut 18 pages 'but none of the sexy fun! Keep all the sexy fun!'

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Spreading The Word

Hello all I my name is Guy and I am an Arts Development Officer for Bridgend Council. As an ADO my remit is to encourage and support artistic and cultural activities in any artform. There are ADO's in most local authorities in Wales.

In order to open up Johns core themes of Create, Debate and Respond I would suggest it would be a good idea to create a team of people in order to Spread The Word, throughout the nation.

I am sure that there there are many arts organisations and… Continue

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Housewarming Party Slideshow

Hi Everyone,

Here is the link to see the Housewarming slideshow.


Hope you like them.


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away from Wales, but Wales not away from me....

84 degrees in Chicago and Gotham City shimmers in the unexpected heat. I'm trying to make the good weather compensation for missing the NTW housewarming - photos and blogs on this newfangled community thang helps, but i still feel like I've missed out...

Over in US for work and play, in Chicago for discussions on a production of my play 'peeling'.

Wales and theatre/performance is very much on my mind, not just because Mr McG suggested i write a US blog, but also as I'm reading Alyce… Continue

Added by Kaite O'Reilly on May 22, 2009 at 7:27 — 3 Comments

Photos from the launch event last night, May 21st

As well as enjoying myself I was there taking photos for Cardiff life magazine, here are some of the pics:

Bunch more here:

I left it too late and missed out on… Continue

Added by Mei Lewis on May 22, 2009 at 2:02 — 3 Comments

Create, Debate, Respond

Tonight we are letting everyone know the ideas behind our first year of activity at National Theatre Wales. We have an office party, a bunch of volunteers - our 'TEAM' members - helping us out, a beautiful 'newspaper' developed by our designers Elfen, and of course this online community to help spread the word behind our plans.

We'll be opening our first show in March next year, and for the whole of the year after we will be creating new theatre across Wales - with three main strands… Continue

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Visual Identity Development

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The birth of a new company

It's been an exciting week! I've been working with National Theatre Wales artistic director John E McGrath since last November 2008, dreaming about how the newly forming National Theatre Wales will take it's first steps into the big wide world. Since then, I've met the amazing Board of Trustees who started all this off I'm told as long ago as 2007 (thanks to Phil George), with a first meetng early in 2008. I've watched the staff team grow since January 2009 from one to six people and I've been… Continue

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Blog virgin

Hello, I am sneaking my first foray into blog territory whilst no one is looking.
I shall prepare some fine witticisms for next time.....

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Pointers and requests

Hi everyone. I've written some ideas on how to get started on this site - please take a look. A couple of requests - please can you make sure you've uploaded a photo to your profile and entered some basic info about yourself under "A little about me"? - edit your profile to do this. Many thanks!

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