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Pointers and requests

Hi everyone. I've written some ideas on how to get started on this site - please take a look. A couple of requests - please can you make sure you've uploaded a photo to your profile and entered some basic info about yourself under "A little about me"? - edit your profile to do this. Many thanks!

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Thanks to the Pioneers

Well, the social network is semi-live now, with a few friends and family having passed through the gates of Mighty Native HQ (also known as Carl and Tom, our online designers) to become invited members of the network, trying it out before it goes public on Thursday evening. Hello to all of you and thanks for joining up. As founding members you can do all sorts of marvelous creative stuff here, including starting a forum (and Hello but why has no-one replied to my very interesting forum question… Continue

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Creative Visit in the Rhondda Valleys

Last Thursday, we had a really exciting creatively-charged day! I went on a Creative Visit to the valleys with John and Renny O'Shea, a really exciting theatremaker who makes up one-third of theatre company Quarantine

A Creative Visit is the first stage in the Research and Development (R & D) of a new project, where we ask artists to explore their ideas for the long and short term. A Creative Visit involves artists spending time with the NTW… Continue

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Blogging reference guide and handy hints - text, links, images, video

Below are some hints to help you to blog on National Theatre Wales social network. At the time of writing a few people have written some posts, you can too.

The network is built on a system called Ning and the interface is pretty friendly. Some of this info is available on Ning's own help pages. But I wanted to give it to you directly and intersperse it with some general tips.


Blog is short for "web log".

There are conventions and… Continue

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New York tips

Hello gang,

I'm in New York at the moment and will be until June. Has anyone got any tips for theatre companies/shows to dig out? I know John mentioned Forum theatre in another blog, I'm going to try and see if they've got anything on. Anyone else????

Also, could Tom and Carl fix it so that if anyone ever starts a blog with 'So' that they get swine flu in their fingers? Thanks.


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NT Live - web streaming into cinemas: a good idea from National Theatre (England)?

The Guardian reported at the beginning of this year the National Theatre in England's experiment, as defined by Nicholas Hytner:

"...we felt that somebody has got to try it and if somebody has got to try it then it has got to be us."

The NT will stream live performances to independent art house cinemas. Audiences will pay £10. The broadcast costs are c. £50,000… Continue

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Learning to Blog at the National Theatre Wales

What's exciting about the National Theatre's approach is their openness to the community around them. This morning we're learning about blogging - getting thoughts up onto the web, responding and debating each other's ideas.

It's great to be present at the birth of something new, and it'll fascinating to see how the conversation evolves over time here. With so many passionate and creative people involved in the Theatre scene in Wales and beyond, I'm sure there will be some awesome… Continue

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The theatre and Me!

How do I define being a fan of the theatre?

Emersion: You know I love the theatre! I love the feeling of being emersed in someone's creative genius. Seeing the journey unfold of someone's creative idea and not knowing what is going to happen next! This is why I am a huge fan of the theatre!

Escape. This is a another however I work in an environment that is critical, analytical and mainstream business. So to escape to the theatre, to be part of something creative is why I… Continue

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Here We Are

We are sitting in a room together in Castle Arcade Cardiff, the rain is beating down on the glass roof above us. Carl says - just write something, your first blog post is going to be embarrassing, but then soon you'll be onto your second and you'll find you have something to say. So here it is! Last week we finally move into our 'shop' in Castle Arcade - a little store next to nail bar just along from the tattoo shop and the pizza store. National Theatre Wales is a theatre without a theatre -… Continue

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First Post

I'm very impressed with the way the NTW's social network has censored my profile photo. Keep the bike and the slogan - lose the face.

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It is 10am on Monday 18 May and National Theatre Wales are learning how to blog. We are sat around a table in our new office, listening to the rain and the clicks of each others' keyboards as we try typing our first tentative paragraphs. I am wondering who will read these and who will respond. I am also looking forward to putting my thoughts down on virtual paper, seeing others' responses and replying to them all!

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Hello, my name is Sheree and I am a theatre designer. I would love to share ideas with you all over the next few months.

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More than 100 years ago

This photo was taken by a panoramic camera, 111 years ago. It was in my uncles attic in Bargoed South Wales for most of that time. When he died, his son found it there. I borrowed it and restored it, it took two years and hours of photoshop to remove all the dust and paint and rips. It was taken for the local paper, and marked a day when there was record coal production at Bargoed Colliery. When I look at the photo, I scan all the faces to see my ancestors and history and the toll that coal… Continue

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Video Blog

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This show was awesome ...

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Assembly call for Proposals- North Wales

National Theatre Wales’ Assembly is developing into democratically-elected projects to be delivered across the length and breadth of Wales.


Rehearsals are underway in west Wales for Assembly 02 on the 4th of May 2012 and now Assembly 03, mid Wales, requires your online votes to decide how we proceed. We also need fresh proposals from you for Assembly 04 taking place in North Wales, so get thinking and bring us to your town to get that conversation…


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The New 'Assembly' Creative Associate

Hello everyone.

My name is Abdul Shayek and I am the new Creative Associate for the 'Assembly strand' of National Theatre Wales.  Some of you may remember my last visit to Wales whilst on placement, thought I would blog my re-entry on to the Welsh Theatre Landscape.  For those who didn't or did catch my last blog 2 years back about hikes, trips to the seaside and recon mission in Brecon Beacons, I am back and this time it's for good.


So who have National Theatre Wales…


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