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See what these guys think about National Theatre Wales TEAM!

Here are Tom, John, Jake and Laura. They are part of Aberystwyth TEAM. Here, they are meeting people on the streets of Aberystwyth to find the Aberystwyth Assembly question. I asked them what they thought of being part of TEAM and here's what they had to…

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Aber TEAM find the Aberystwyth Assembly question

For the Aberystwyth Assembly, which happened up Constitution Hill at the start of March, Tom, Jake, Laura, John, Ashley and other members of Aberystwyth TEAM, walked the streets of Aberystwyth to find the question for The Aberystwyth Assembly.

They went in shops, cafes, colleges, university, libraries, chip shops... trying to find out what matters to the people of Aberystwyth.

They had loads of questions for the town and one overall…

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"Outdoors" NTW11 is in The Telegraph!

Dominic Cavendish came to see OUTDOORS the week before last and this is what he thought:

Friday night in Aberystwyth – and it’s bucketing down. I’m standing, drenched, beneath an umbrella, on the promenade looking out to sea – a coalface of darkness. By rights, I should be utterly miserable. What’s more, sporting chunky headphones and required to squint at an iPod screen, I should feel ridiculous. Not a bit of it. I’m too enthralled to care.…


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Exploring Aberystwyth

Join us in Aberystwyth - be part of Aberystwyth Assembly and TEAM!

Devinda and I have spent a few days lurking around Aberystwyth in the gorgeous sun, basking in the promise of Spring on the West Wales coast. We had some excellent meetings with Aber locals wanting to get involved in the Aberystwyth Assembly and TEAM. Thanks to…


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Day 93 - Fish and Chips and Happy Birthday Clint - Along the Prom, Aberystwyth

Rimini Protokoll arrived in Aberystwyth for the first time today. At around 9:20pm. I waited for a while in the Shilam, drinking odd tasting Tetleys and reading the Independant. Apparently Clint Eastwood is 80 today (unless of course it was an old copy of the paper). We ended up going for fish and chips before heading to Rummers for a drink. Up early tomorrow. I'm interested to see how they make sense of Aberystwyth, the schedule looks fascinating.

The next ten days…

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