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The First Respond Try Out Week Has Started!

Here we are on Day One of our First Respond Try Out Week. We are:

Saz Moir - recent graduate from RWCMD Design course, with an interest in puppetry, circus, site-specific performance and fire poi.

Laura Jeffs - recent graduate performer from Atrium, University of Glamorgan with interest in devising and non-linear narrative.

Patrick Jones - playwright and poet.

Lynn Hunter - actor with lots of… Continue

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Call for theatre makers, creatives and artists to help test National Theatre Wales' Respond programme

I am now in the first stages of testing out the RESPOND strand of National Theatre Wales' work and I need some help.

What is the Respond strand?

The respond programme enables us to create new work quickly in response to the urgent, important and interesting news and events that are happening right now. It is also a way that National Theatre Wales can work with a greater and more diverse range of theatre makers whilst providing a space for artistic development for… Continue

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Sandpit: This Thursday! Come and Play!

This Thursday 3rd September we have our Second National Theatre Wales Cardiff Sandpit in partnership with Hide&Seek!

The first one back in July was such a success, we decided to have another one! Only this time, we have 4 games being created and run by Welsh makers; as well as a further 11 games created and run by Sandpit stalwarts. That's… Continue

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Getting Down and Dirty at the Green Man Festival

Last weekend I was at the Green Man Festival, which takes place in the beautiful Brecon Beacons just off the Crickhowell-Brecon A Road. I had gone with Lucy to see one of the loveliest festivals in Wales and to see if there was any way that National Theatre Wales could plug into this activity.

It rained Thursday in fits and starts but was then quite warm and sunny for Friday when the… Continue

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Is it a job or is it a competition? Equity says X-Factor contestants should be paid

Equity says Reality TV producers on X-Factor are exploiting performers by not paying them an Equity wage. Equity are calling for all contestants who reach the final round to be paid and have legal status as workers.

X-Factor producers say Equity rates "do not apply" because its shows were competitions and not employment.

This BBC news article describes how X-Factor producers justify not… Continue

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A Midge Summer Nights Dream

It was a beautiful setting. Tall trees, green embankments, mist-covered valleys. It was the Afan Forest Park and I was there on Saturday evening ready for Taking Flight Theatre's production of A Midsummer Nights Dream. As were seemingly thousands of midges, who swooped and dived at… Continue

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Online casting for Submarine, the new Michael Sheen film closes Monday

I read this BBC News article this morning.

It describes how filming for Michael Sheen's new film, Submarine, based on the novel by Swansea writer Joe Dunthorne, is casting its young roles online.

They are using an online auditioning site to ask unknown talent to apply for the roles in the film.

Virginia Heath, creative director… Continue

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Brand New Musical Sells Out Weston Studio So I Have To Queue Around the Mezzanine Level With M&Ms and Rhiannon Davis For Company!

Last Thursday, I was invited to see 'Come Fly With Me', a brand new musical based around Rat Pack Songs, in the Wales Millennium Centre's Weston Studio. I had been to see Rich Tunley's last production, A Midsummer Night's Dream, so… Continue

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My recent trip to see theatre in London

I used to see this every day when I lived in London. It's Tower Bridge. I used to live in Tower Hamlets and felt like London was my home. Last weekend, I went back for an extended working weekend - to move the rest of my stuff out of my old flat in a hired Ford Mondeo and to see some shows. It was the first time I'd been back to London for more than 24 hours since I stopped being freelance and moved to Cardiff to start working for National… Continue

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My journey to see "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by Black RAT Productions

Yesterday I went to see Black RAT Productions' A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was an 11am matinee at the Swansea Grand so I set off on the 9.14am train from Cardiff Central. It was an old-school cattle type train; the last time I was on one of these I was crossing to Oldham on the Manchester Victoria to Rochdale service in January 2008. Good times. Only this time, it was a sweltering day and the… Continue

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Welcome To Our 500th Member, Glender Charles!

We would like to say "Hello and Welcome" to our 500th member, Glender Charles, who joined our community today, on Wednesday 24th June, at 10.20am!

Glender, the winner of this auspicious title, will receive a glamourous, glittering prize - a bottle of our finest bubbly!

So our community has reached 500 and continues to grow. Who will be our 1000th member? And what do you think their prize should be?

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Caravans and Welsh Holidays

I came upon this holiday snap in my uncle's facebook account. Since moving back to Wales, the Paskells have all befriended me on Facebook and welcomed me back to the bosom of my hometown... well, they live in Penarth, but I guess that's close enough to Cardiff...

It made me think of Marc Rees' recent road trip around the Welsh coast and his blog on here. How tied we all are as Welsh families to the sea and to the caravan spots that… Continue

Added by Catherine Paskell on June 22, 2009 at 16:30 — 5 Comments

And They're Off... Marc Rees and Sian Thomas start their Road Trip!

Off they go in their little red hired car...

Marc Rees is a fantastic visual artist who produces exciting site-specific projects, curating the work of international and Welsh artists. This week, he is on a 5-day road trip around Welsh coastal towns with his producer, Sian Thomas. Sian is the designated driver. Marc was the designated sandwich buyer.

They are on a Creative Visit for NTW, exploring different places… Continue

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Reasons to play in the Cardiff Sandpit

Are you interested in playing?

Are you interested in immersive experiences?

Are you interested in completing tasks or solving clues that can win you a prize?

Are you interested in exploring the city in which you live and work in a totally different way?

Are you interested in getting to know and connecting with other people in a shared experience?

If you say yes to any of these, then you should like theatre.

If you say yes to any… Continue

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How I was scared twice in the dark at The BAC last week.

During my London visit this week, I spent a day in the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) where I saw 6 shows as part of their BURST Festival.

The theme this year was '51 Reasons for Living', inspired by Barack Obama's presidential acceptance speech and they managed to pack 51 performances into this 16-day festival. Some of these were plays, some were installations, some were performance poetry, some were gigs, some were journeys for one person with a… Continue

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My thoughts on True/Fiction: a Welsh Company with a London Production

I have just come back from spending a wonderful evening watching a fantastic theatre event. It was in London and it was a play by a young Welsh company.

It was True/Fiction's newest show, The Exquisite Corpse at Southwark Playhouse.

I arrived in an atmospheric cavernous space under the railway arches at London… Continue

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Do you want to get involved with NTW? Do you like playing? Call for Hide and Seek Sandpit Participants!

On Thursday 2nd July, we have got one of our first National Theatre Wales events and we would like you to take part.

It's called SANDPIT and it is organised by us, with Hide and Seek, a London-based company run by Alex Fleetwood.

Sandpit, like its name suggests, is a place where people can come together and play games and have… Continue

Added by Catherine Paskell on May 30, 2009 at 15:17 — 6 Comments

Creative Visit in the Rhondda Valleys

Last Thursday, we had a really exciting creatively-charged day! I went on a Creative Visit to the valleys with John and Renny O'Shea, a really exciting theatremaker who makes up one-third of theatre company Quarantine

A Creative Visit is the first stage in the Research and Development (R & D) of a new project, where we ask artists to explore their ideas for the long and short term. A Creative Visit involves artists spending time with the NTW… Continue

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It is 10am on Monday 18 May and National Theatre Wales are learning how to blog. We are sat around a table in our new office, listening to the rain and the clicks of each others' keyboards as we try typing our first tentative paragraphs. I am wondering who will read these and who will respond. I am also looking forward to putting my thoughts down on virtual paper, seeing others' responses and replying to them all!

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