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Notation Assistant wanted

Branches is looking for a volunteer with a good head to help log and note emerging dance sequences and stories. The notation will contribute to the development of the finished script. Most of the sequences are captured on video and you will also help with the live notation of scenes as they emerge. 

Ideally this person would be interested in devising dance, writing or directing.  The piece is based on the mythology of the Mabinogian so it may also be of interest to someone into…


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Inspiration behind Dial 419 for Love

Kelly Jones popped round last week to talk to me about my work on Dial 419. I have copied an extract from the interview below. The full transcript can be found on my blog.

KJ. Tell me about yourself and the work you create.

BS: I am a multi platform director. I write and direct stories that can be experienced across different media platforms.

KJ. Can you tell me what…


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Would you like to take part in a one-week romance?

Dial 419 for Love is looking for team members to help test their audience experience.  We will need volunteers for one or two days between the 25th of February and March 24th.

If you are interested and want to know more about what's involved, please send me a message through the NTW.

Or to find out more about the project please take a look at our…


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Dial 419 team meets Duncan Ballantyne

Just back from the first stint of project development for Dial 419 at Cardiff Airport. The best part of the weekend was listening to stories from Reverend Duncan Ballantyne, who runs the chaplaincy at the airport. We’re hoping that Duncan will agree to a cameo role in the performance.

For the next stage of our Wales Lab project we will be creating a score for Dial 419 and recruiting NTW Team members to help us to test the audience experience. 

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Dial 419 for Love

Thanks to Wales Lab, over the next few months I’m going to be developing a new piece of work called “Dial 419 for Love”. The idea is to create a multiplatform drama inviting participants to explore the world of romance scammers and their love victims.

 The project is starting this weekend with a visit to Cardiff airport with my collaborators Kelly Jones, John Norton Sule Rimi and Peter Petralia. Most of the team members are from Cardiff and Peter (who is the Artistic Director of…


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