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Rachel Helena Walsh - 1800hrs

Rachel Helena Walsh is a multi disciplinary artist, performer and producer from Tipperary, Ireland.
She finds writing her…

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Meet 1800hrs - JAC IFAN MOORE

Jac Ifan Moore - 1800hrs

Jac is an artist and theatre-maker based in Wales & South West England. He makes little performance works with big ideas, connecting local action with global resonance; the political with the personal. National Theatre Wales’ Emerging Director…

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Meet 1800hrs - HAZEL ANDERSON

Hazel Anderson - 1800hrs

I'm a theatre maker, performer and clown. My work to date has been big, bold, playful and colourful. It’s focused on finding the fantastical in the everyday.  In most of my work the audience/performer relationship is…


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Meet 1800hrs - JOSH ALAN TRASK

Josh alan Trask - 1800hrs

Josh is a performance artist originally from Cymer, a small village in the Upper Afan Valley near Port Talbot. He takes an auto-biographical approach to much of his work and is interested in themes of…


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Meet 1800hrs - JACK FURNESS

Jack Furness - 1800hrs

Director and Herald Angel Award winner Jack Furness studied music at Cambridge University, graduating with double first-class honours. Jack is the founder and artistic director of Shadwell Opera, which…

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Meet 1800hrs - CATRIN CLARKE

image: Snowstorm, film collaboration between Catrin & Josh alan Trask


Catrin Clarke - 1800hrs

Catrin Clarke is an award-winning screenwriter who has written extensively for…


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Meet 1800hrs - FARAH ALLIBHAI

Farah Allibhai - 1800hrs

As a Visual Performance artist Farah Allibhai is interested in the inner self, the process of self discovery and of 'being'. Inspired by diversity and the metaphysical, how we…


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Meet 1800hrs - TINA PASOTRA

Tina Pasotra - 1800hrs

Tina's background and exploration into dance has influenced her work to date as an Artistic Director. Her work has mainly been in designing and directing short films incorporating dance. Her work is…


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