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NTWTEAM's Word4Word goes to Llanelli

Hi Everyone,

So this is a little blog to say how Word4Word has made an appearance at a few different cities and towns across Wales and the next on the list is Llanelli!!!

I'm really excited as we're teaming up with a group called Spoken Word Saturday!, we will also performing at the Ffwrness Theatre! and they have given us a super cool space!!!

So it's all going to be new and scary and beautiful and and to keep the theme of new and beautiful  our head liner for the…


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The Corridor of Rhyme

So last weekend I had an absolutely amazing time and thought I should tell you all a little something about it.

So NTWTEAM and Roundhouse have worked together to provide an opportunity for young Welsh poets and last weekend those of us lucky enough to be part of it got a three day workshop with Steven Camden (Polarbear).

To those of you who aren't super knowledgeable about the UK spoken word scene Polarbear is definitely one of the cool kids. But Roundhouse also sent up Pip…


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TEAM's Opportunity with Polarbear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

So I am super excited to announce that there is an amazing opportunity coming up soon!

So this amazing opportunity is a chance for 8 spoken word artists/poets between the ages of 16-25 to take part in Talking Doorsteps. Talking doorsteps is a project set up by The Roundhouse Theatre, and thanks to both the Roundhouse and NTW TEAMit will be happening in Cardiff.

It’s a 3 day…


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"You'll be A Man" DAY 1 (Wales Lab)

So I'm currently in a week of R+D that is being supported by Wales Lab. The project is to create a spoken word experience that involves the audience. 

The title is "You'll Be a Man" and myself and Brent Morgan are working on it. We are trying to tackle all those awkward parts of growing from a young adult into a man. 

Today was our first day of the R+D and I woke up weather wet and windy outside and still dark! by the time I had sorted a bit of breakfast out it had…


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Free Fringe!!!!!!!

So the last 2 days I have been taking advantage of the Free Fringe.

I've wanted to put a show on up here for years and hear this is the way to do it.

It's wicked I have seen some crazy tiny intimate shows like "yeti" a poetry show that's a bit bizarre and has loads of little quirks that I think really en capture the spirit of the free fringe. 

But then I've also seen some larger shows like "Porky the Poet" and am really impressed with the size of the venues and…


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Roundhouse (Words In Progress)

As most of you know probably know I'm quite into my spoken word and also my theatre, well a while ago I saw an opportunity on to combine the two. It was a competition to put on a show at the Roundhouse combining Theatre and spoken word, I applied but didn't have enough time to make a portfolio for the site so I was very doubtful I'd be selected, however I got a email when I had forgot I had even applied telling me I had been…


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NTWTeam Word4Word at landed festival (hula hoops, hog roasts, storm troopers and poetry what more do you want)

So me and a group of merry poets all took a trip up to Landed festival yesterday to put on a NTWTeam Word4Word event. It started by all getting on a very pimping mini bus and I mean pimping, leather seats, blue led’s and all that jazz. as you can imagine we were all feeling very nervous as us poets do before a gig but fortunately Mr Mark Dorey was hot on it and brought us all some shandy to calm our nerves (wild I know, sugar free, 0.5% shandy). …


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On Monday I travelled down to Bristol too check out a event in the Bristol Old Vic called blahblahblah. It’s a spoken word/poetry night hosted by Byron Vincent and it had some great names there. Each poet seemed to have their own style of writing and performing. This was evident in how quickly the night went in a hot sweaty basement, every new performer brought something new and fresh to the night.

If you’re interested I strongly recommend checking out these people



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Team Panel Intro

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Speak Up 2

Well I went up to Speak Up again for another open mic slot and have to say it went really well got to see some amazing performers such as Matt Windle, Vanessa Kisuule and Adam Kammerling.

I’ve put up some videos of me performing on YouTube but also I have been given an actual slot for the next one on May 9th which is crazy and makes me believe I might actually be ok at this spoken word thing.

So this has got me thinking and I think when I can get enough funds to last…


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Trip up to Birmingham (thought I had put this up but obviously hadn't so its a bit late)

Last month with the support of national theatre Wales I was able to travel up to Birmingham to be able to perform at “Speak Up” an event run by Jodi Ann Bickley. A person who it would be pretty safe to say is one of the reasons I got into writing and performing spoken word.

So I set off looking forward to a long day of trains, but all the time I thought I would use to practise my poems seemed to fade fast as all I could think about is how much of a step up this would be for me as a…


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Country Boys Struggle Trip

Me being a spoken word enthusiast  I  try to see as many performers as possibly can however i live in the middle of nowhere so events seem to be few and far between. So when i heard of “Counrty Boy’s Struggle” a new spoken word play I was excited until I looked at the location, it was at the Albany in London and me being from Wales meant I couldn’t afford the travel expenses. Fortunately for me I was in contact with a few members of the National Theatre Wales’s team and they informed me of…


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