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Director needed for collaboration (Arts Council of Wales application)

Hello thanks for clicking.

Recently I was lucky enough to perform a preview of my one man play 'Switzerland' at Volcano Theatre in Swansea where I work as a Welsh Language Development Officer. The preview was directed by the Artistic Director of Volcano , Paul Davies and I'm really pleased how it turned out. The preview included me climbing ladders like they were mountains, hanging off lighting rigs, and soaking a lucky audience member by shaking my wet hair at them ;) So it was a…


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Spotlight 10K 11 September

Just a quick message to ask if anyone is doing the Spotlight 10K? I have no one to run with :( 

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Yr Odyn Artist Award Scheme 2016

At Volcano theatre we are excited to announce that our award scheme, Yr Odyn is now open for applicants to apply. The scheme is aimed at emerging artists who are based in Wales and have been out of education for a minimum of two years. The scheme will include mentoring, coaching, arts management and more and will also include £500 towards expenses as well as one weeks free use of rehearsal space. 

To find out more about what we're looking for and what…


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Showreel help

Hello! So as an actor you need a showreel of course. Mine is terrible, and all year have been trying to get short films together and get clips from various things but to no avail. People I find seem to be so unreliable! Because of this I feel I have to go to a company in London or somewhere and pay around £800 to make a showreel from scratch. So I guess I'm making this post as a last ditch effort in the hopes that someone can help  me before I fork out so much money that I haven't…


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Future opportunity for male actor.

Hello all, I am in the midst of finishing off my play 'Switzerland' in the coming month and require one male actor to workshop the role. 

As yet I do not know the dates I require someone as I'm still rewriting. However I would like to know who would be interested etc etc. 

The play is a one man show about life being unemployed and is a sort of semi-autobiographical account of my 2015. Originally I wrote the project to make an opportunity for myself to get me acting in…


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Hello! So my year was full of projects that never got off the ground (mainly due to not finding the right collaborators). 

I have bags of ideas as I'm sure you all have, but am desperate in finding a good network of people to help me (and that I can help) get things off the ground. 

There is nothing worse than having out of date work to show casting directors and agents etc. So lets make stuff!!!!

I am professionally trained (Royal Welsh college, Regents…


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