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Job Opportunity: Lead Creative Schools in Barry

Hey lovely NTW Community,
Oak Field Primary IN BARRY are looking for a Creative Practicioner. The lively Year 4 are particularly interested in sewing&drawing so it might be a lovely job for a designer but we are open to hearing from anyone interested in the project.…

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Opportunity: Jobs on Don't Play With Dead Things - The world's ONLY Live, democractic horror game.

We have unique 5 opportunities to join our creative team in designing and making the worlds first and ONLY live democratic horror game.

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Keeping Theatre Relevant To Young People And Their Families (Part 3)


Hi, welcome back to the final part of my blog series on increasing diversity in youth arts to ensure engagement of young people and their families. We ended the last instalment of this blog by asking what is diversity so let’s dive right in. Although I’ve tried to ensure this part stands alone it is building on thoughts and discussion from parts 1 and 2 so I suggest you go read those first.  Here’s a link to part 2, which has a link to part 1:…


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Keeping Theatre Relevant To Young People And Their Families (Part 2)

Welcome back. If you've not read part 1 I'd suggest doing so here as this part continues from there:

To summarise the last part; we discussed the importance of guiding young people and being a point of contact for their journey in…


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Keeping Theatre Relevant To Young People And Their Families (Part 1)

Part 1

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending a symposium on “Keeping Theatre Relevant For Young People and Families” arranged by TYA and based on a research trip to ASSITJ, the international youth arts conference, in Cape Town. Among those who undertook the research trip were six artists from various fields selected to pair up with key industry voices. The symposium covered a number of topics but I felt…


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Hello TEAM Panel, and a wary greeting to 2017.

So. TEAM Panel. Me. TEAM panel AND me. Oof. Let’s start with me. Narcissists never change.

I’m Jeremy, I’m a writer, performer, professional idiot and general weirdo.  I’m based in Cardiff and now I’m on TEAM Panel.  That’s not really saying anything new though.

Shit. Ok. So I’ve applied for Panel before but this time I was successful. Yay.  I guess that makes me a successful failure, but then I always was an oxymoron. Without the oxy.

So as you may or may not know…


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Dirty, Gifted and Welsh

It’s just past 4pm on Wednesday and I’m already blazing down the caffeine highway. I’ve been rocking it since last night. I think one of the problems with wanting to write, or do anything that has a creative component and deadlines, is that you fall back in to bad habits. Energy drinks. Sweets. Tesco value pork pies. Late nights with endless cups of coffee. You fill your body with enough stimulants and shit and hope the resulting explosion is accompanied by the juddering birthing of your…


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Finale! Or Intrusion, Contortion and Confusion

My final day in Edinburgh was quite possibly my favourite. I saw some wonderfully varied theatre today, all if it good. So without further ado let’s get on with it.

Things From Before are an LA based performance collective in Edinburgh with an adaption of “The Intruder”, originally by Maurice Maeterlinck. I am unfamiliar with the original text but from what I’ve gathered Things From Before have really worked to make it their own. The text is a one room play about a family waiting as a…


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Tired! Shadows, Satan and Mythical Beasts

Our third day in Edinburgh found Frank and myself a little worse for wear, worn out from trekking from venue to venue and late night shows after only two days. Lord knows how people manage a month. Today we took it a little easier, spacing things out a bit more and making sure e had plenty of time for travel etc. It made sense then that our first show was only round the corner from the hotel.

“Yeti” (pronounced Yet-eye) was performed by Gary from Leeds, a performance poet. Part of the…


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Variety! Or Solo, So Low and Solo(s)

Day 2 was less eventful, although it was more packed than the previous day. I believe Frank and I have hit cruising speed for the Fringe. I will probably come to regret saying that. Our first show of the day was “Last Christmas” by Dirty Protest. A one man show about returning home after the loss of his father we entered the small, intimate space to find the actor already on stage pacing a few feet from us. This was theatre at its most minimal, stripped down to almost nothing. No props, no…


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Run! Or Chimps, Bums and Welsh Cakes.

The Fringe isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon*. With so much to do and see it’s important to pace yourself. Tuesday morning was fairly relaxed, and mostly involved writing the blog you read yesterday (You did read it, didn’t you?) as our first show wasn’t until 12:10. The show was Baba Brinkman’s “Off The Top” at 266 Canon’s Gait. Now I’m someone who navigates mostly through landmarks and a homing like pigeon ability to go in the general direction of something, skwark at people and demand seed…


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Arrival! Or Hairy Men On A Train

Monday 4th August

After a panicked Sunday evening involving lists, coffee (and a couple of cans of Guinness) I had an early night to prepare myself to the day of travelling ahead. Only to be woken a few hours later by my neighbour returning from the pub and slamming all his doors. I woke up with a readiness that was probably only matched by fresh recruits on night watch in World War 1. Cheers neighbour. Cheers…


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