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CASTING / CASTIO - National Theatre Wales

CASTING a new production from National Theatre Wales, to be created and directed by Gavin Porter.


This devised project will deal with death, memory, loss and how music forms part of the healing process.


The process will be supportive and explorative. The work will be fuelled by the lead artist’s own documentary footage, delving into the way we celebrate lives once they have been lived.


This production will be created, rehearsed and performed in…


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Casting / Castio: PETULA


August 012, National Theatre Wales and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru bring you a brand-new adaptation of Fabrice Melquiot’s extraordinary play, Wanted Petula.


Directed by Mathilde Lopez, with a blistering script by Daf James blending Welsh, English and a little French, this production promises to be a giddy fairy tale and a surreal visual feast.

Petula is a dark, playful and piercing show about growing up,…


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Go Tell the Bees CASTING / CASTIO



Over the last four years National Theatre Wales has been embedded in the communities of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, working with the people of the county on creative projects exploring climate change and the environment.


This Spring, the work is culminating in Go Tell The Bees, a new short film for families, co-created with the Pembrokeshire community, that will tell a moving story of our human connection to nature and to each other.…


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Bye bye 2020.

And so this is Christmas

and what have we done?

Another year over.


One of the best things about my 2020 (it’s a short list) is that I’ve managed to start volunteering, in a kitchen for a charity in Cardiff. Beyond my millennial propensity for virtue signalling, I mention this because it really has felt like a shot in the arm in a year in which our industry has been paralysed and purpose and meaning have not been the easiest things to keep a grip…


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Hello 2020 graduating actors, (sgroliwch i lawr ar gyfer y Gymraeg!)

I've been loving all the self-tapes, zoom duologues and musical numbers I've seen online. Just this afternoon Showcase 2020 launched, where graduates can upload their work and directors and casting directors can watch them all (it's free). 
You, and your…


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Theatre in the time of Corona

Shakespeare wrote King Lear in plague quaranti... yeah, we know, thanks Twitter!

Of course, Will didn’t have facebook, rolling news, Netflix, Ticktock, Pornhub (who’ve rolled out the faintest of silver linings and made their premium service free in Italy), Instagram, podcasts or any pets that we know of. And there was almost certainly a woman providing the sustenance, housekeeping and encouragement while he settled in to write another play about a king.

So if your social…


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Casting / Castio HAIL CREMATION!

Casting Breakdown


By Jon Tregenna, directed by Adele Thomas

A psychedelic musical about Llantrisant’s most eccentric doctor who became known as the ‘father of cremation’. Staged at Newbridge Memo, HAIL CREMATION! Tells the story of the extraordinary life…


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CASTING / CASTIO: Workshop for new production / Gweithdy ar gyfer cynhyrchiad newydd


National Theatre Wales is casting an upcoming workshop, which will take place in south Wales between 28th October and 2nd November.


This workshop is for the development of a new musical production, which will be produced in Spring 2020. We are currently engaging performers just for the Autumn ’19 period but are interested to know whether performers currently have availability 10th February –…


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Casting Breakdown




Hijinx & National Theatre Wales

Directed by Kully Thiarai & Ben Pettitt-Wade, and created with Seiriol Davies 


Half a century on from the first moon landing, join us at an iconic Cardiff location for MISSION CONTROL.  


The planet Earth is overheating and under-resourced for the next chapter of…


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Casting / Castio : FOR ALL I CARE

For All I Care, a one-woman show by Alan Harris

Directed by Jac Ifan Moore


Clara and Nyri. Two very different women. Two complicated lives. Both having a very bad day. 

Mental health nurse Nyri’s woken up hungover with a younger man. Meanwhile, Clara has developed a compulsive wink and can’t remember if she’s taken her meds.

Nyri needs to get to Ebbw Vale Hospital via Greggs, and Clara is dodging signs telling her - rather rudely - to kill…


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Casting / Castio : ON BEAR RIDGE


A National Theatre Wales and Royal Court Theatre co-production

Written by Ed Thomas

Co-directed by Vicky Featherstone & Ed Thomas


“One minute we had customers, the next minute there was no-one.”


In a lost village, blurred…


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What is our dream for theatre in Wales over the next ten years?

Hi everyone, 

Here’s a list of the 70 conversations that were called on Sunday. Several merged, lots evolved into something different and some never happened because people were pulled in other directions. 

If you’ve got notes in your bag, on your phone or in your head, you can still email them to us, until the end of the week,…


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Everything starts with a conversation...

And we’re off!


We’ve gathered in Portland House with colleagues and friends, and we’re asking WHAT IS OUR DREAM FOR THEATRE IN WALES OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS?


Everyone here will have a hand in setting the agenda for the day.

We’ll timetable what each person wants to talk about, between now and 5pm, so the big hall here will be abuzz with many conversations at once, for the rest of the afternoon.


People will make notes to capture those…


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COTTON FINGERS, a one-woman show by Rachel Trezise

Directed by Julia Thomas


Written by award-winning writer Rachel Trezise at the time of the historic referendum of the 8th amendment in Ireland, Cotton Fingers takes us on journey from Belfast to Wales.

This bold, coming-of-age story was originally commissioned as part of National Theatre Wales’ NHS70…


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National Theatre Wales’ Storm Cycle is a series of multimedia works, performed at different locations across Wales, exploring two key themes; truth and testimony.


Following STORM 1: Nothing Remains the Same and…


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Casting / Castio : Tide Whisperer

Casting / Castio: TIDE WHISPERER




A large scale site-specific production in Tenby town and harbour, West Wales.


Written by Louise Wallwein / Directed by Kully Thiarai / Designed by Camilla Clark


An immersive…


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Created by Maria Fusco


Skin is an event. Skin is a factory. Skin is a map. Skin is a leaking border. Skin is memory. Skin is time. Skin is global.


Art writer Maria Fusco’s ECZEMA! explores the life of eczema; a skin disease affecting an estimated 15 million people in the UK, including the writer herself. Exploring what it is like to live in…


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CASTING / CASTIO: As Long as the Heart Beats


NHS70: As Long as the Heart Beats 



As Long as the Heart Beats will be a site-located, theatrical journey…


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Casting for TOUCH - NTW and Migrations seeking four dancers

National Theatre Wales and Migrations are casting for Touch.


National Theatre Wales will team up with arts organisation Migrations, French choreographer and dancer Julie Nioche and choreographers Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan from Turkey, to create Touch, a site-specific, interactive and tactile dance piece about the therapeutic aspects of dance…


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Casting Breakdown: ENGLISH

National Theatre Wales and Quarantine

Who we are looking for

We’re looking for someone with direct personal experience of teaching English as a second or other

language (ESOL), to be the sole performer in an upcoming production. This person should appear to be 30 -

55 and could be of any gender.

This person could be a professional performer who has taught ESOL or an ESOL teacher who has…


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