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The Best of all Possible Worlds? - Graig Du Theatre Players

Our moral arbiters are so keen to see a perceived threat to peoples' well-being when there is none. It has become the norm in what is supposed to be a democracy to take offence at the least slight when a small minority need to be protected against the majority. The recent news that the Lord's Prayer advert has been banned by cinemas is only to be expected. Who exactly is humiliated or offended that it has to be withdrawn? The country has been in such a moral decline that it is…


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Lease of Life - Graig Du Theatre Players

I will post a blog in the near future about what kind of work I will be inviting to be submitted from playwrights in the Rhondda. This will be a gradual beginning before more openings appear for others to contribute from different areas. The aim is to provide a fresh outlook for audiences and not rely on the usual stereotypical formula. I will also be posting…


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Tied Cottage - Graig Du Theatre Players

Another curious tale that came up in discussions with a previous incarnation of the group was the problem of obsession and how far would a person convince themselves that they were correct in their assumptions. Character became secondary to this premise. The play came about from a throwaway remark by Martin Summers that the past never really leaves one. Jack…


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The Manacled Mutineer - Graig Du Theatre Players

I have included an extract from another play that will have a rehearsed reading in the near future. The play tells of Ambrose, in his late eighties, who is dying in a Welsh hospital. Appalled by his treatment because he believes he has been lying in bed for far too long, he understands he is being slowly poisoned by the morphine that has been injected into…


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Soldier Pass by - Graig Du Theatre Players

I have included an extract of another play that will be staged when things are up and running. "Soldier Pass By" tells the story of Lewis, Peter,and Dan who have joined the Rhondda Pals. On the eve of a major offensive on the Western Front, the three friends are anxious. Lewis has survived an explosion in which two men died. Suffocating, he is pulled from the…


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