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#MeToo Wales: Stories from the Creative Industries / #MeToo Cymru: Storïau gan Ddiwydiannau Creadigol

Dear Community

Following the outpouring of #MeToo stories from people who have experienced sexual harassment and abuses of power in the creative industries, Re-Live with support from Sherman Theatre will curate a bilingual event in which stories on this subject are heard for the first time in Wales.

The aim of the bilingual event is to provide an…


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OPPORTUNITY: Everyone Has a Story To Tell, 5 Day Experiential Training with Re-Live

Calling all artists interested in working with people, communities and their stories.

Re-Live is an award-winning charity providing a dynamic, inspirational programme of Life Story work.

Over the last 10 years we have co-created theatre work with older people, veterans and families living with post-traumatic stress, people diagnosed with a terminal illness and people living with dementia and their loved ones. We create theatre which challenges stigma and changes the way we see…


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Big voices and big hearts needed! "When I wake up and the sun is shining, I'm grateful, I'm very, very grateful"

Re-Live are working with military veterans, families and the wider community on Coming Home. As well as the perhaps inevitable stories of loss and grief, the themes emerging are  strength, gratitude, forgiveness, even joy!

 Post-traumatic growth - A deeper appreciation of life that comes from facing some of its darkest moments.... 

This is a bit of work in progress, from one of the veterans who was in the Falklands War, Northern Ireland and Bosnia, reflecting on his gratitude…


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Coming Home Choir recruiting- with exciting performance opportunities! March 18th @ Chapter

"When I come here, my soul sings"


"Forget the drugs, they should put this choir on prescription. Instant feel good fix and no side effects!"

Community Choir member

 2016, 100 years on from "the war to end all wars" and we still haven't found a way to live without war.…


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WELSH THEATRE TOUR - Re-Live looking for Stage Manager & Technical Manager ASAP

Hi there

Re-Live are looking for an experienced Stage Manager and Technical Manager to work on a Welsh theatre tour of an exciting new play ‘Belonging’ produced by Re-Live and directed by Peter Doran (Grav, Oh Hello!, Who's Afraid of Rachel Roberts?) Driving a van is essential.

11 week contract – 28th March – 10th June…


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Re-Live looking for artists to collaborate on veterans project

Re-live are working on a year long project with veterans, families and community members. We are exploring coming home from war, how an individual, a family, a community recovers from the shock of war and finds meaning and strength to continue.

We are exploring the possibilities of remembering, recovering and letting go.

We are looking for artists to contribute to this process as part of a development week, Jan 25-29 and potentially after this point as we work…


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OPPORTUNITY: Geese Theatre come to Cardiff

Award winning Geese Theatre running this fab training day in Cardiff next week

If you're interested in applied theatre, prison theatre or mask work this is a…


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Geese Theatre 1 day BRILLIANT training in Cardiff

Anyone interested in prison theatre - arts in criminal justice system, do this course!

Geese Theatre are international leaders in prison theatre, their approach is totally unique. I cannot recommend them highly enough and at £75 this is a bargain...…


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Impact of conflict

How does the impact of war shape the rest of people's lives? How can theatre, creativity, a space to express and explore help people move on...Re-Live launch their new programme of work with veterans and family members next week at Chapter. Delighted we'll be working with two brilliant guest practitioners, Gilly Adams (creative writing and directing for radio, stage and…


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Memoria - last chance to see live

Information on the online broadcast of…

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Memoria dress run audience wanted -today 2pm Chapter FREE

We are looking for a small audience for a dress run of Memoria at 2pm today at Chapter.If you haven't seen a Re-Live show before, the performers are non-actors giving testimony to their life experiences. Memoria is exploring memory loss and some of the cast have early stage dementia, including an ex rugby player.

If you'd like to come this afternoon can you send me a quick email to confirm -



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Creating the world of fragmented memories

Our brilliant design team are beginning to create our set! 

Memoria and the world of our memories will come to life at Chapter Theatre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday @ 8pm.

Tickets are nearly sold out for Thursday's performance. Friday and Saturday there are 30 tickets left per show.

We hope to see you there!

Chapter Box Office:



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Memoria: Come and be part of our global audience

Memoria is happening at Chapter this Thurs,Fri,Sat.Re-Live have spent the past few months with an amazing group of people exploring their reality of living with dementia.  We've reflected together on memory, fear of change, fear of losing the ones we love, fear of losing ourselves.Two of our cast, Patrick and Karen are only 50 and are diagnosed with dementia. They know the road ahead, they know those precious memories and capacities will one day be gone.…


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“Why should sex and relationships be a taboo subject once you reach 70?”

“Why should sex and relationships be a taboo subject once you reach 70?” says performer, Terri Morrow “It’s not like you suddenly reach a point where all you want to do is play bingo. This show is giving us a chance to express that as you age all your emotions, desires, hopes stay with you. For me, life is getting better and better. I'm happier at 70 than I ever was at 30"…

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sex and death and growing old

 Re-live, who last year produced ‘Abandoned Brothers’ with a group of war veterans, now delve into the hearts and minds of Cardiff's older generation with their latest show ‘age’.

A third of babies born in 2013 in the UK will live till 100. The "babyboomers" who are now reaching old age are living longer than any generation…


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AGE -  Stage Manager wanted ASAP

Re-Live are looking for a Stage Manager to support their production of ‘Age’ a devised theatre show with a dynamic and daring group of older people, supported by the Arts Council of Wales and The Baring Foundation. 

We are looking for an experienced, energetic and unflappable Stage Manager who has an interest in lighting, can rig and operate basic sound and light systems, comfortably drive a crew…


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Re-Live: Last minute free training in Life Story Work this week

We're offering 2 free places on our Introduction to Life Story  training at Chapter this Tues and Weds (25th-26th).- due to 2 participants now not being able to attend. Normal cost £190 so quite a bargain.

Maybe you've seen Abandoned Brothers or one of our other shows and would like to learn about the process of how we got there. Or maybe you're an artist or writer with an interest in documentary or real life stories?

You would need to be available Tues 9.30-4.30 and…


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Life Story Training: everyone's got a story to tell

Are you an artist, writer or arts in health practitioner with an interest in people's stories? Do you create work that is based on true stories? Would you like to develop your skills in eliciting stories, accessing memories and documenting a person's life?…


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Abandoned Brothers - the exhaustion that follows

Thank so much to those who came to see Abandoned Brothers last week, and to Elin Williams and Cory Ann Ship for coming and reviewing it. You both made some really good points -  this piece and Re-Live's work in general don't fit into a neat category. Maybe we're creating a new category. We're using the phrase "documentary theatre" at the moment, but it could equally be testimony theatre or witness...

For us the process has been extraordinary and the moment of hearing those…


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Abandoned Brothers: Tickets available for 2.30 matinee tomorrow at Chapter

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