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Abandoned Brothers

We've got a week to go till Abandoned Brothers opens at Chapter. At the moment it feels about as scary as theatre can get. We're creating documentary theatre. There is no safety barrier of fiction. This is real-life and the emotions our performers are going through are raw and painful. Today one of our performers re-enacted the moment he pleaded with a psychiatrist to…


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Can theatre heal wounds and do soldiers have soul?

We are creating a show with a group of war veterans and their family members. It's a roller coaster. The stories we are hearing range from the terrifying to the ridiculous. American and British commanders squabbling in the Gulf desert, fear and paranoia on the streets of Northern…


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Abandoned Brothers - Transforming trauma through creative expression?

We hear about military veterans on the news, the violence, the suffering, and the loss - but we don’t hear the personal side, up-close, from those who are going through it right now. We, Re-Live are hearing these stories right now in Chapter. They are moving, shocking, sometimes lonely sometimes funny stories. We are entering into a collaborative process of shaping them, guiding them into one story which we will present to an audience....artists, military men and family members working…


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Real life drama tonight

Our show opens tonight at Chapter, 8pm. 3 people, waiting in a darkened space to take you on the journey of their lives. They have 210 years of living between them. There is joy, there is love, there is regret, there is anger. Above all,there is an urgency to tell their story. As Ben Okri once said, we are the stories we tell...

Be great if you can join us, tonight at 8 or tomorrow at 2 or 8.

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Re-Live - Directing my Dad.

Working with my Dad is profound and bloody frustrating! We are not the Redgrave’s, or the Fonda’s, we are the Diamond’s, rough and nearly ready to present our show in Chapter next week.

I’m directing my Dad!(Many swear words follow) It’s tough at times. I say “Dad, sorry Jeff, can you tone it down, and please don’t move your head until the music comes in, thanks” He stares at me, but does what I ask.

As I direct…


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I have been a professional actor for many years! The current project with RE-LIVE is the most challenging yet because one plays/performs as one-self....It is like pressing the destruct button of one's life (70 years..still counting!) and to have the opportunity to be totally honest in story-telling on 'how it was' and 'how it is!'

RE-LIVE has given 'the older generation the opportunity to share their life experiences and I applaud them for this inovation and a concept that be best…


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Rehearsing real life: A Story to Call My Own

We are in the midst of three people's lives - Terri, Marianne and Jeff .In our rehearsal room at Chapter, we are immersed in their memories, stories and time-lines. Time and again we listen to hilarious, painful, profound episodes from 70+ years of living, we are humbled and honoured by their openness and then one of us utters the words we've all come to dread "That's great...but I don't think we can fit it in the show"...Reality. We are creating some kind of performance (is it theatre, is it… Continue

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