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WalesLab Day Five

Anticipation, excitement, fear.

The taste of sea salt on my lips as I speak. Sand beneath my toes grounding me to this place, this moment.

And John McGrath tap dancing with my daughter in my mum's living…


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WalesLab Day Four

And with Louise comes a renewed sense of agency, energy and motivation. An outside eye bringing supportive, loving critical criticism. 

I am in awe of the way that she she is able to take my ramblings and turn them into concrete, tangible objects. To hear my vague words and offer up sound, lighting, action, set design. 

And I am chuffed to bits when she tells me she likes my writing.…


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WalesLab Day Three

I wish I could bottle this feeling. I wish that I could articulate the fragility of this moment. Spending time with you is exhausting, baffling, frustrating. But so, so exhilarating. I see the world through your eyes and drop my inhibitions - become a seahorse, a kite, a jellyfish. You have a freedom that I lost long ago. I wish that I…


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WalesLab Day Two

in this dying town

where are the dead kept?

Today I have had an overwhelming sense of history smothering the present. Of recriminations and accusations holding back the young. Of long held grudges being clung to as the barnacle clings to the hull of a boat. 

People here remember. The past is a living, breathing animal, snarling in…


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WalesLab Day One

nose tip kiss

eyelash touch

yawn air

fingertip brush

sandy wash

salty taste

seagull scream

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Old School Coney

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My home town

My home town is silver and shimmer, seagull cries and echoes. It lies at the end of a long road that twists and coils through hills and valleys.
My home town is small, but vast. No one lives there, but everyone is from there. It is filled with ghosts of generations long gone who stand on street corners waiting for buses, queue patiently at the…

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Muddy Puddles

When you stand in a muddy puddle, you are a giant, a world destroyer, a builder. You leave an imprint that moulds and creates. But as you leave that imprint disappears. Slowly and by degrees.  

My hometown's muddy puddle is changing. Parts of it have disappeared completely: existing now only as memories. Slowly, their imprint disappears. 

There is only my mum left to bind me to my hometown now. There are so few people left who remember me. My imprint is…


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Ghost of A Moment Introduction.

Click here to view my video introduction.


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The Green Green Grass Of Home.

I was in Cardiff on Monday to meet the lovely WalesLab team. Cardiff has changed so much from how I remember it as a child, and not just physically. There is a real buzz about the city now and is full of creative people and creative thinking. It felt like coming home, except it's a home that I never knew I had.

So much of my practice is tied up in 'home' - in that sense of belonging, or not belonging. Of a dislocation between the person and the place.

There is…


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Porthcawl Elvis Festival does Live Art Development Agency's DIY10.

Surely there is nothing more bizarre than discovering that you grew up in the same town and went to the same school as Nigel Barrett. But there is something more bizarre: your childhood town is now home to Europe's biggest Elvis Festival. And over and above that, what's even more bizarre is that you are now walking down the prom with a bunch of live artists, theatre makers…


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