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CASTING - FRANK R&D (4th-15th June)


Shwmae! THE JONES COLLECTIVE ARE BAAAACK! And we're casting!

After our multi-award winning show 'Hiraeth' finished a few years back, we have been working in the deep wilderness of Wales on something new...

We’re looking for a new ensemble member to join research and development on our production FRANK, about Rewilding and the real life of spoken word artist/legend Frank Thomas.



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National Theatre Wales are working with partners in England and Scotland to bring an exciting, UK wide theatre project for Summer 2016.  The Welsh part will be taking place in BANGOR, ABERYSTWYTH, SWANSEA and surrounding areas. The project will lead up to a one-off, large-scale event directed by an award winning team, marking a moment in national history. And it’s going to be EPIC! …


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Hi all!

So, after returning on our two month tour of New Zealand, we are now touring our award winning 'Hiraeth' by Buddug James Jones Collective across the South West of England for two weeks. 
Max can not do the tour so we are now looking for someone to tour with myself (Bud) and David (musician) for the two weeks. 
Here's the casting breakdown-…


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CANDYLION - Captioning available every day!

Hi all!
'The Insatiable Inflatable Candylion' is in full swing and every day I am waking up with a different song from the show in my head! (Today's tune is 'Harvest the Pixels'). 
I'll be in the SSE Swalec Staduim for every show operating the captioning ipads live.
Not quite sure what a captioning ipad is? Basically, each ipad will have the script, lyrics and description of sound effects running live on the screen. This means you…

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FREE tickets to see FAÇADE at Aberystwyth

Hi all!

So I know it's been a looooong time since we did our last Critical Chinwag, but we are back and our first show back is going to be a right corker!

On Wednesday 15th of October (next Wednesday), we will be hitting Aberystwyth Arts Centre to see FAÇADE by Crashmat Collective.

FAÇADE is a circus-dining theater show, where you receive a…


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Circus, Theatre and a 3-course meal... FAÇADE IS COMING!

It's not every day you get to eat a three-course meal inside a theatre.

It's not everyday you get your roast chicken with a side of hula hoop. 

It's not everyday the cheesecake you're about to dive into was paraded down a catwalk.

That's right! It's time for FAÇADE again! 

Façade is…


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The Dutch are back in town! Mon 29th Sept, NTW

Hi all!

For the last 2 weeks Sjoerd and Joran from PeerGroup have been living in Rhayader getting to know the locals. 

If you aren't familiar with the dutch company's work, they are a group of artists of all sorts of disciplines who work site-specifically and immerse themselves within…


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How long can we go on? Interesting blog about theatre making!

Hi all,

I've just come across this blog post by Richard Aslan. 

How Long Can We Go On

I'm sure anyone who works in theatre (on stage, off stage, behind the curtains, up in the rig, behind the sound desk, at the follow spot, in their studios. EVERYONE) has experienced this... Can we keep on working for free? Can we keep on not paying people? What is the value of 'experience',…


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Why should I care about the drones? NTW ASSEMBLY CARDIGAN

'for human right'

'for your freedom'.

'for your future'

'you are heartless'

'for your…


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PunchDrunk Design workshop

A couple of weeks back, I popped into the NTW office...I can't remember why but it might be to make good use of the flowing supply of tea and biscuits. 

While I was there Dev said I should go to a design workshop by Punchdrunk, and so a I did! 

The workshop was held by Livi Vaughan and Beatrice Minns who designed Punchdrunk and National Theatre's latest show …


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Cerys Mathews and the A470

Hi all!

I was just doing my daily procrastinating on Facebook (we all do it ok), and saw something really interesting which Peter Cox of Rhayader posted on…


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Marigolds Costume Open Day TOMORROW

Hi all!

I popped in to Marigolds today to drop some stuff off and they mentioned they have an open day tomorrow (FRI 20th Dec) so I thought I'd let you all know!

It's a great costume hire warehouse for Theatre and Film right in the middle of Cardiff. They also have a sale section which has vintage clothing and previous costumes you can buy, and also an incredible haberdashery collection.

If you're a…


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home-home house-home home-from-home - Rhayader and PeerGroup

Last night I bumped into the wonderful Peter Cox of Rhayader. Where? In Chapter, Cardiff!

Completely unexpected, a waterfall of emotions (yes see what I did there folks!) for Rhayader came rushing back.

And then he asked 'When are you back next Bud?' 

This is a question I get asked every time I leave…


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'Hiraeth' R&D week

Hi all! 

Here's a little video of what Max Mackintosh, Jesse Briton and myself got up to for a week R&D of 'Hiraeth' (my little show!) . 

Massive thanks to Arts Council Wales, Wales Millennium Centre and National Theatre Wales TEAM for the support! 

And round of applause for Light Trap for the super awesome video!


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CRITICAL CHINWAG - '1984' by Headlong

Hi all!

The next Critical Chinwag will be on November 5th to see '1984' by Headlong Theatre in Sherman Cymru, Cardiff.

Critical Chinwag as a 'theatre book-club' i.e a small group of people go and see a show for FREE, discuss the show after and then carry on the discussions in the Critical CHinwag Group page after. It's a really good night, and you get to meet new people with…


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The application for this residency closes on FRIDAY! You don't want to miss out on this one!



National Theatre Wales are…


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CRITICAL CHINWAG! 'Schrödinger' as part of World Stage Design

Hi all!

It's time for the next Critical Chinwag!

Critical Chinwag is the NTW TEAM's 'theatre review club' i.e we watch shows in a group, then we discuss it on the evening and also online here- Critical Chinwag. You do not have to come from a theatre background to be involved with this evening, it's just s great opportunity to see new stuff for free, meet new people and have a…


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Hi all!

I'm looking for an extra pair of hands to help me with the build for Wales Millennium Centre's BLYSH Festival which is starting on the 19th of July. 

I need help with the build of some stuff which will be going on outside the WMC.

You'll need-

-Experience and confidence with building and painting

-Be available between Tuesday 8th - Thursday 18th July  (if you are…


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Oerol- Sense of Place

Hi all!

A couple of weeks back I was at Oerol Festival. A 10 day location theatre festival that happens every year in Terschelling, Holland, with performances happening on the beaches, sand dunes, forests, peoples gardens, lakes, cattle sheds...the list is endless. 

So here's some highlights from the weekend for you all! …


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TEAM in Elan Valley

One week ago I was sat in an old school, which had been built by the Elan Valley damn builders for their children. It was on top of a little hill in the valley. 

According to Maeve , it was haunted by a local farmer's wife that had an affair with one of the damn builders. 

But the most haunting thing for …


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