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Nordic Larping Wekend is Launched

Hey everyone,

I posted a blog about wanting to organise a Nordic larp weekend in the near future. You can read all about what a Nordic larp is here-

Well......I'm very happy to announce that the near future has arrived! On November 5th and 6th there are three larps for you to come and play… Continue

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Fancy a Nordic LARP?


So larp stands for Live Action RolePlay.

I'm trying to spread the word about and recruit interested players for some Nordic larps, to be played in South Wales. These kind of larps are played in black boxes (or studio spaces) with very little props, no costume and a set-up/narrative that's much closer to reality than your regular…


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Looking for multi-lingual creative to join our R and D

Hi everyone,

We are looking for a creative to come and join us for a week of research and development.
I’m Bethan Marlow and I’m a Welsh writer that’s about to embark on a very exciting r and d week (funded by ACW) at WMC with theatre director Mared Swain and artist and dancer Marega Palser.
Here’a a little information about the project-
Dates- Nov 23-27th, 
Location- Weston studio, WMC.



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The Fashion of working with Community.

My 'Llaneski' Waleslab has just come to an end and as part of the work I had to feedback to NTW about what I discovered and how it has/will affect my personal practice. 

'Llaneski' was a project where I and a team of creatives worked with a group of Polish teenagers from Llanelli to give them an opportunity to express themselves, their voices and their experiences in a creative way- mainly through dance and art.

I had originally hoped to work with the…


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"Get to know me before you judge me"

I've started my Wlaeslab project, 'Llaneski'- a project that creates a platform for the Polish community of Llanelli to express themselves creatively. I want to hear what they have to say and then discover a way of collaborating with them in making a piece of something creative.

I'm sorry if it sounds vague, but right now it's exactly that. I'm not going to decide what it will be, what it will look like, sound like or feel like. This project is about developing my…


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Writing my DGW response play

I got an email last week from the Dirty Protest gang asking me if I'd like to write a short play for their Dirty, Gifted and Welsh event this year. And this is how I felt-


"I remember going last year and really enjoyed it. There were loads of people I knew there".

"Oh god, there were load of people I knew there".

"Shit, there were loads of writers, good writers, that I knew there".

"What if my play's crap?"

"Am I political…


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Llaneski- come join me and the Polish community of Llanelli

Hi everyone,

I want to tell you about my new Waleslab project 'Llaneski' and open an invitation for you to come and volunteer with us.

'Llaneski' is an invitation to the Polish community of all ages living in Llanelli to come ad join us and participate in creative workshops, share their stories and experiences and meet others within their community. We will be giving the Polish community of Llanelli a platform to creatively express themselves,…


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John McGrath and other people say 'It Gets Better'.

Whilst me and my partner, Carolina Vasquez, have been working closely with the LGBT community of Swansea over the last few months for 'A Queer Christmas' we felt the need to make an It Gets Better Project™ video- one that inspires and supports young…


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A Queer Christmas- Part 2

So we're now four weeks into the second stage of the project which are the queer community workshops.

The sign-up was great and we were able to get participants for all workshops so it kicked off with a positive bang- the choir started learning their first Christmas song, the acting group started to improv, the writing group started creating characters and thinking of narratives, the filmmakers got straight into filming, dancers are dancing and artists are…


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A Queer Christmas- part 1

Hey everyone,

I've decided to blog about our process and journey throughout 'A Queer Christmas' so that anyone that's interested in immersive community promenade theatre (really need to get a catchier description than this!) can follow how we're going about it. Hopefully these blogs can open up into discussions and debates on collaborations between theatre companies and community.

So, my aim is to create a promenade theatre production on Swansea High St that will celebrate… Continue

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A glimpse of what we created.



I was up in North wales for three months this summer creating, writing and directing an immersive promenade theatre production for Theatr Genedlaethol.


It was called 'Blodyn' and it was a modern day version of Blodeuwedd's story. I worked very closely with two communities- the village of Talysarn and the town of Balenau Ffestiniog. The purpose of the project was to get their voices heard on a creative stage, to be able to show what living and surviving in…


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Marketing site-specific theatre- An Intern Opportunity

Good morning everybody! 

Please see below a volunteer opportunity for an individual that's passionate about marketing in theatre and eager to learn more about how to create a marketing strategy that generates a fresh, diverse audience.

Who's up for the challenge?




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"Make good art"


If you're having one of those days where it's grey outside, the rain is dribbling down and you're at home/in the library/in a cafe/on a train and you're making/researching/thinking/discussing your work then have a look at this. 


Take the time to listen to it, I promise you it's worth it. 



Let's keep going towards our…


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"C'laen ta!"- taking theatre to people's doorsteps

I've just got back to Cardiff after an intense six weeks of creating and directing a piece of promenade theatre on the council estate of Peblig in Caernarfon for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru.

I had three main aims for this project-

1- I wanted the residents of the estate to be an integral part of the production.

2- I wanted the production to fit onto the estate organically and not be plonked on artificially.

3- I wanted it to be…


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Asylum- part 2

Well, part 2 of the ‘Asylum’ project was a huge eye opener for me in so many ways.


Ummm….where do I start!


The main thing that I want audience members/players to experience in this piece is their relationship with their mind. It’s quite an intimate journey really. I wanted to put them in situations where their minds, instinct and response is tested to see how much we can trust our brains, how different we all are and ultimately, how mental health…


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Asylum Waleslab

So, Waleslab has allowed me to have ten days to play, explore and develop an idea I have for a LARP (Live Action Role Play). I started this process knowing that I wanted three things-

1) Developing an interactive experience where the audience members step into a world that they can touch, talk to, add to and change.

2) To play…


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"I wish I could see....?"


CuatrOOjos: An Experimedia Project has kicked off to a great start! We (myself and Carolina Vasquez) are working with wonderful artists, performers, designers and filmmakers including PDMono, barracuda, Caja de Carton, Armadillo…


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Looking at the world this summer with Cuatr00jos



I want to share with you all some information on an experience that I and Carolina Vasquez will be embarking on in Colombia this summer.


Cuatr00jos means 'four eyes' in Spanish. It's a saying in Colombia that encourages people to look at the world differently. When you put a pair of glasses on you'll be looking at things with new…


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Unprotected opens in 32 hours!!!

Bloody hell, that time went quickly!

32 hours from now will be the first night of Velvet Ensemble's first production.

There's been blood, sweat and tears which I think is a sign of a really productive rehearsal progress! Everyone's worked so hard and what's made me smile more than anything is that everyone has believed in the play and I am so, so grateful for that. Diolch.

Now all we need is people to come and watch!

We'll all be at the bar at the end… Continue

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Unprotected- a brand new play by a brand new company

I wanted to write this blog for two reasons- the first one is probably obvious which is to let you know that this production exists!…

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