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Feel Good Friday

Friday is upon us once more and yet again I feel it has creeped out of nowhere like a black ops recruit lurking in the shadows and pouncing.

This weeks feel good is one from Bob Dylan

'What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do'

Firstly I think we should change the 'man' to 'A person' or add woman so it's 'a man or a woman' (don't want to be gender specific) *tut tut Mr Dylan*… Continue

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Feel Good Friday

Before I start this week can I just say... Where has this week gone? Friday is here already and it seems like yesterday that I wrote my first 'feel good' (it was a whole 7 days ago :O)

Time needs to slow right down. I think my love and desire for a type 40 TARDIS has never been more needed than right now!

As I look back over the week and look forward to the next I have been looking for the right quote to sum up a feel good and I stumbled on this by author Joshua J… Continue

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Feel Good Friday

As I look forward to 2016 and my first TEAM Panel meeting tomorrow I've come up with an idea for 2016 called 'Feel Good Friday' a series of blogs every Friday with a quote from a selected famous person to take with us into the following week and inspire us as we go about our routines. Hopefully to give us motivation and maybe a little inspiration to go with that too.

I've decided to start my first 'Feel Good' with a quote from Alan Rickman as I was truly shocked and saddened by his… Continue

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Hello TEAM Panel

My name is Connor Allen and I'm a 23 year old actor from Newport. I initially got introduced to National Theatre Wales’ TEAM by auditioning and eventually winning the first ever Cardiff MonologueSlam hosted by TEAM and Triforce Creative. MonologueSlam is a competition where performers perform selected monologues in either 1 or 3 minute rounds to a panel of judges who then select a winner of each round and an overall winner. As the overall winner I had the chance to represent Wales at the… Continue

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