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Feel Good Friday

As we go through life we are faced with many challenges but equally we will have many triumphs.

We are all unique and powerful because simply put we have the ability to make our own decisions and follow our own paths.

That's why this week I want to put a big emphasis on individuality.

You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story.” — Lisa Nichols

Simply put YOU are the one who holds the power in your lives. You are… Continue

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Feel Good Friday

It's funny how a few days away can really kick start your batteries espeacially When the world feels like an apocalypse could happen any minute now.

i went to land where dreams are made a.k.a Disneyland and I really saw and felt that it doesn't matter what age you are, Disney is universal. It's for everyone. And why might you ask? It's because it's so magical and so uplifting you truly believe anything is possible.

'All our dreams can come true, if we have the… Continue

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Feel Good Friday

Do we play everything in life safe?

Or do we take risks?

Are we partial to take the easy route or to dig down and get stuck in?

I think that to achieve success and follow our dreams we set out, we have to take risks.

It's as simple as that.

'A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new' – Albert Einstein

Throughout life we are going to make mistakes. It's inevitable. As I always say.. we are human after… Continue

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Feel Good Friday

The theme of this weeks Feel Good is belief.

Belief is such a powerful attribute to have and can hugely help throughout life as we embark on this crazy journey.

Self belief, believing in others, having others believe in you. It all helps!

Dreams and success doesn't happen overnight as I have previously said. It takes hard work and determination but also self belief. You have to believe you can accomplish what you set out to do otherwise what is the… Continue

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