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How is 3 Days to Stage Different from Other Scriptwriting Initiatives?

From time to time, we understand that us creatives need a hand with writing. Be it by actually finishing a project we have been working on since the beginning of time, or just finding a way to get inspired. 

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a particularly new concept. There’s…


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Playwriting and Your Time Management

Are you a creative who promises themselves to start writing, but can never find the time to put pen to paper?  

Don’t worry yourself, we all have this issue. After all, we have to put bread on the table and writing is, let’s be honest, tedious.  …


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The First Spark of Playwriting: The Idea

We at 3 Days to Stage have spent most of our time in Welsh theatre helping others create stories, with as few prescriptions and as much freedom as possible whilst still streamlining the whole process. We've found that churning out those scripts, from…


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3 Days to Stage, the Fastest Way to Start Playwriting

You’re sat at your desk and you’ve fortified your position with a paraphernalia of writing utensils.  

You’ve made a promise to yourself. You’re not leaving your post until you’ve have penned your award-winning play, which is swirling around in that big creative cranium of…


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TicketSource "Best Writing Award" 2018 | £100 Cash Prize

Hello you busy bodies of the theatrical underworld. This is a competition being hosted by  TicketSource, but …


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WRITERS | CFTF Free Fringe | ScriptDawg's Script Writing Crash Course for the Procrastinator

That’s right, the title is correct. You read it perfectly. Though, just to avoid any potential confusion. This workshop will mainly be addressing time management and improving ones organisational skills, whilst we dabble with some character creation during the whole process.

I, myself, will be leading the workshop and wanted to let you NTW people know that this is going down. You can find more information on the…


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Audience Conundrum

Recently, as you may have seen somewhere on Social Media, ScriptDawg held a read through of two scripts we’re going to be developing and producing over the next month written by Leah Bynre and Othniel Smith.

This will be very one sided and I imagine that if she is reading this, Leah is going to start resenting me for not talking about her script as much as I do the other. However In my defence, I missed the majority…


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ScriptDawg – A New Frontier

Hi there,

I’m the obscurely known patient zero of ScriptDawg, and there’s some information I would like you all to know, focusing on two events we have coming up.

On the 21/03/2018 we have (FREE)d-Throughs! At the USW, Atrium (86-88 Adam St, Cardiff CF24 2FN) with doors opening at…


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Casting Call for a Read Through

Casting Call for a Read Through

Seeking actors for a table reading on the 26th April. I’m looking for readers who can do a South Walian accent, acting experience not essential. Unfortunately the roles are unpaid, but food and drinks will be provided.

Set in 2014, Ringland follows the lives of five disenfranchised teenagers who live on a poverty stricken estate, forced to find sanctuary from their constrictive parents, patrolling police and a gang…


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Speak Easy - Callout for Actors

Callout for Actors.

Speak Easy presents a rehearsed reading of the BA Scriptwriters final projects.

A range of acting opportunities for several diverse and dynamic performances to be staged from the 26th to 28th April at various locations. Auditions will be held on the 9th March from 13:00-18:00 at Atlantic House (USW Atlantic House, Smart Way, Cardiff CF10 4PP) in room AH005. To book a slot or for more information, please contact…


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