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My Birthday trip to Merthyr to see Mother!

So as you are all probably not aware I got another year older over the weekend. Why should you care about that? No reason at all I'm just milking it a bit. (I'm still accepting birthday presents if you're interested.)

To kick off this years celebrations I finished work, got changed and jumped on a train to Merthyr to see Mother Courage. When I got on the train was packed, standing room only and if I'm honest this filled me with a sense of dread anticipating being squashed like…


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Ted Bundy - Greg Wohead

Mr Greg Wohead is doing a show called the Ted Bundy project in Chapter Arts centre 29th - 30th May.

Myself and Justin Cliffe travelled all the way to mighty mighty Bristol to see it last year as part of Mayfest and we loved it. We also had a awesome night out after, it was a blinder, we snuck in clubs, drank tequila and had a good old time, so good I have a receipt from the night on my memory wall.

If you would like to…


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Juan More Show - Putting it all out there - The struggle of surviving in the arts.

Howwws Things? 

To start with I hope you're well.

Yes YOU, whoever YOU are.

I sincerely hope YOU are well and having a good time.

This is a blog…


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Scratch That Itch - Bridgend Jan 29th

Another Scratch That Itch is heading your way. I have a special event coming up in February so if you have been wanting to get involved with Scratch this is your chance we are heading down to Bridgend because Tracy Evans has invited us to get involved with an awesome new art and culture hub that we would love for you all to see.…


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Gert Muzz Xmas Hangover

So most people will be back to work today and will be emerging from the Christmas hangover but for me Christmas is still alive and well as on Friday I will performing my fresh new companies fresh new show.

What better way to start the year than that. So I would love to have you all their with me to show me that 2015 is going to be better to me than 2014 ever was.…


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Keeping your head up!

Hi so as you might know I'm doing a blog over at my website.

This week I've been writing about keeping your head up while times get tough and giving a few tips of things that have helped me out recently. This industry can be hard so how do you stop it destroying you.

I have no clue or answer but you can read my blog about things that keep me going here. …


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New blog about two cool projects

I have just uploaded a new blog post to my website.

It is about 2 projects that I think are well worth a look one by Claira Hermet and one by Jodi Ann Bickley who recently headlined a word 4 word event in Cardiff.

If you fancy reading more check out the link.…


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If you have written off theatre give these a try.

Hi all

I have just started a new blog on my website called My Cool Blog. (Super original name I know.)

You can check it out here it is about three companies that I think are cool and that I think you should check out if you have written off theatre.

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You'll Be A Man - Wales Lab Day 4

Hi so I thought I'd give you all a little up date on the project.

Let me start with saying how chuffed I am with what we have been working on and with how much fun we have been having in the studio space in the Sherman. Listening to great tunes and throwing a rugby ball back and forth and having lots of laughs. I have definitely felt like a big kid. Fortunately feeling like a big kid is really helping us explore the question of what makes a man.

It has been a…


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Coney workshop - Ideastap

Sooo on July 31st I went down to London town for a workshop with Coney.

I applied through Ideas-tap and was one of the chosen few who were selected to attend the workshop. It was a great afternoon where Tassos Stevens talked about the immersive experiences that Coney make as well as running a few exercises with us as a group that were great fun. Coney make work that some people describe as games others as immersive theatre but either way they offer agency to the…


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Blysh festival - An awesome time of year.

Soooo it has been ages since I blogged so I thought I would put up a quick post about the awesome Blysh festival that is currently taking place at the Wales millennium centre.

The festival is a celebration of circus and cabaret and hosts a collection of the weird and wonderful. Roller discos, big electro swing events, clowning, live bands, dance are just a few things that you might discover at the event.

It is awesome.

This weekend is the closing weekend so I suggest if…


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Casting Call for Block Party - Pervasive street game

We are currently looking for 15 performers to cast in Block Party which will be a headline game at this years PlayARK games festival. Block Party is a pervasive street game and will take place on Saturday November 2nd in multiple locations across Cardiff Bay.

We will be holding workshop auditions on Sunday 6th October at Townhill Theatre on Swansea Met’s Townhill campus, Swansea. The auditions will last approx 2 hours and are open to people aged 18+. We are really keen to see a mix…


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3 Years of Scratching!

It has been 3 years.

Ye I know it took me by surprise but it really has been 3 YEARS!

We have been Scratching That Itch for 3 Years, I'm not certain but I think that makes us the longest running Scratch night in Wales.

Well done us.

What is also truly amazing is the constant flow of new faces. Even after 3 years we have people sharing work at Scratch for the first time and the quality never fails to amaze me.

Some of…


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Wales Lab - Has It Come To This. Blog 3

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Wales Lab - Has It Come To This. Blog 2

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Wales Lab - Has It Come To This. Blog 1

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Escape Earth - Work In Progress : Exploring Spoken Word and Theatre

I thought you might all be bored of looking at my face so I figured I would type a blog.

Last week I was lucky enough to get a hold of the keys to the NTW Warehouse to start work on a project called Escape Earth. It  began after going to a few spoken word nights around Wales and discovering some very interesting very talented people. I thought it would be a good idea to get these people in a room together and talk about working on a project. So after weeks of trying to get…


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A journey North to workshop.

Hi everyone

After a stint of video blogs I thought I would put a text based one up as you might be sick of the sight of me.

So the past weekend I headed to North Wales to lead a workshop in Criccith. Now any one who has tried to get to North Wales from Swansea will know how crazy your route is by rail but none the left after heading off Friday morning I was in Bangor Friday evening waiting for my National Express coach to take me on the last leg of the journey.…


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