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Fantastic paid and unpaid opportunities to present work in Bridgend in 2015

I am delighted to let you know about a range of opportunities for artists in Carnegie House- the new Arts & Culture Hub in Bridgend town centre in 2015. One of the cornerstones of the programme is a range of events and opportunities for performance-based artists and creatives. So please read on to see what's coming up!

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved and pass this message on to any other artists who you think might be interested.



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Performance, Daily Life and Gold

Female performers, and female artists in general, have been exploring ways of connecting the daily life of women and mothers to their artwork probably forever. One of my favourite performance artists, Bobby Baker, has made a whole variety of performances about these things: Drawing on a Mother's Experience and The Kitchen Show are two…


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Beginning with some questions, ending with even more

I have had an exhausting week as part of my WalesLab adventure. I started out last Saturday wondering how I might begin to go about making a piece of work about my mum, possibly with my mum, when she lives in Ireland and I live in Wales. The distance between us became the fertile ground on which we based our week of research: we travelled together from Ireland to Wales by ferry.

I had another question st…


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Countdown to My Real Mother project

For months now I've been thinking about questions like Are we real? Is there a part of us that is more real than the rest? A kind of true self? Although I don't think there is, the questions still intrigue me.

And then I've also been thinking about familiarity and what does it mean when something is familiar to us, and even more so, what does it DO to the person, object, place we are familiar with, when we say 'I know that'.

Over Christmas I read Anam…


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The Giant in the Crack in the Stairs

For those of you who won't be attending the opening nights of The Persians, check out another piece of new work:

The Giant in the Crack in the Stairs…


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Siamber Wen @ Chapter- don't miss it tonight!

I went to see Human Beast: Siamber Wen last night Chapter and was delighted to find such an exciting piece.

A promenade perfromance, directed by Joe Wild, with a team of 5 artists from a range of disciplines the piece is contemporary, sexy and haunting. Rooted in Welsh folk song, sliced with digital technology, sung into life: a dark story of incest and family. There is poetry, a may pole, a dance of carrion crows, and love-making of the darkest kind- don't miss…


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Directors Forum @ CPR, Aberystwyth

What an action-packed, squeezed-tight programme, the staff at CPR have created in presenting their inspirational Directors Forum, which is just about to finish its 10-day run.

Having a full-time job means that it would be impossible to take part in the proceedings, but cleverly, they split the overall programme into 3x 3-day blocks, so you might do all 3, or just one or two. I attended the middle block and this is my creative impressionistic response (I was far too…


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John Fox & Sue Gill- a huge inspiration

A huge thank you to John and Mathilde at NTW for organising todays Creatives talk given by John Fox and Sue Gill from Dead Good Guides, and founders of Welfare State International.

What an immense contribution they have made to their communities through their art. Whilst keeping their 'eyes on stalks' and their feet on the ground, they have created some immensely powerful and transformational performances.

Inspirational role-models for me as a new-comer.

Thanks… Continue

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