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Technician Jobs Aberystwyth

Technician opportunities in Aberystwyth
Agor Drysau / Opening Doors International Theatre Festival for young audiences.
16/3/19 – 23/3/19
3 x Technicians 
1 on a 6 week contract (4 weeks prior to Festival and the week after)
2 for just the festival week. 
Doesn’t need to be a Welsh speaker. Should…

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Port Talbot - Galwad am dîm cynhyrchu / Call for production team

Annwyl bawb / Dear all,

Mae National Theatre Wales yn chwilio am bob deinamig a phrofiadol i weithio ar brosiect sydd ar y gweill ym Mhort Talbot yn ystod mis Awst a mis Medi.

Os ydych chi’n Reolwr Llwyfan y Cwmni, Rheolwr Llwyfan Cynorthwyol, Cynhyrchydd Goleuo, Cynhyrchydd Sain neu’n Gynorthwyydd Dylunio, llenwch y …


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Know Hope Film

Dear all,

Please read the below blurb and check out the crowdfunder for what will be an important film!

Know Hope is about elemental issues of self determination, of the desire for peace, and the never ending search for a resolution to the situation. This complex story follows Zakaria Zubeidi who's life embodies the tragedy and the paradox of the Occupation, he represents their past and is hopeful for their future. He wants…


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NTW yn Rhyl

Annwyl bawb, yn rhan gyntaf o 2017, mi fydd NTW yn ymgymryd a  phrosiect yn Rhyl a byddwn yn  edrych am reolwyr llwyfan a phobl technegol yng…


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centre for vocational development of young people in wales

Hi all,

I am looking for volunteers (eventually paid hopefully) particularly an administrator and a fundraiser to work with me on setting up a project.

I've attached a rough concept note if people could check it out and let me know their thoughts, whether they are interested, and also pass it on to other people.




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The Freedom Theatre Jenin again targeted by the Israeli Army

Israeli army target The Freedom Theatre again!


At approximately 02:00 in the morning of the 22nd August the Israeli army surrounded The Freedom Theatre and the Nagnaghiya family home.

Jacob Gough, the Acting General Manager at The Freedom Theatre left the office at about 01:45: "As I literally entered my home I got a call from neighbours of the theatre saying the army had surrounded the theatre.”

Jacob then returned to the theatre and as he drove into the…


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Continuing Harassment of The Freedom Theatre, Jenin

Press Release

6 August 2011


Acting student at The Freedom Theatre taken by the Israeli army

Today at approximately 15:00 hrs one of the third-year graduating students at The Freedom Theatre was taken by the Israeli army at the Shave Shomeron checkpoint between the Palestinian cities Jenin and Nablus. The student's name is Rami Awni Hwayel, age 20. He was travelling from Ramallah to Jenin together with his fellow students.

Batool Taleb, one of the…


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