De Gabay bouncing across the BBC radio 6 airwaves

From the journey that lead to this theatrical ride to the attention of people with the Capabilities to reach millions in seconds,

De Gabay was privileged to be presented on the well known Culture Show by the amazing Cerys Matthews on Friday last week, the show was aired…


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Hadraawi happily joined De Gabay

It has been a long time since I first layed my hands on Hadraawi poems daaba huuwaan, and to see the man in person Wow what a adrenaline rush.

We sat down in a hotel in central hargeisa for coffe, I told him about the story of NTW and the Somali poets,Gavin Porter, Jonathan Holmes, Devinda desilver and Yusuf Mohammed, he was well impressed and wanted to talk more, But I was on thin ice,since one of his childhood friends & poet died Gaariye, so hadraawi came back from addis sabba to pay… Continue

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De Gabay visited London Tate modern museum & Bush Theatre

We visited Picasso & Lucio Fontana & many more, they shared great personas and inteligence with us, as we took our

Inspiration and dedication to our creativity in writing poetry

We had a great deal of fun and networking, later that evening we celebrated the glory of Wales winning the Grand Slam, the Londoners were slightly annoyed lol.

We round the evening up with a fantastic theatre by our Hero Jonathan Holmes, moving, intense and political unfinished piece of untold… Continue

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Intense information

Man on a beach far away

Outcast to the box most are trapped   within, focused like a scientist would be to prove his theory right, against the wind of all odds. 

He said "they comming for us"

"Who are they", we ask?

Genuine reflex instantly open arms welcome gesture. 

That was then this is now.  Polluted by mass toxic waste , his fully educated without a deegre. Books sent from oversea. They kill the livestock, land and sea. Depend on me. United Nations,… Continue

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hey World .... a big thanks to every one that made it possibly to perform specially to the the Dream Team MATILDA LOPEZ, GAVIN PORTER & YUSEF MOHAMMED (GURAY). In the canopy of respect we thank everyone for supporting us and we  have learned so much and wish we taught you guys a thing or 2.lool DONT FORGET. 3 LITTLE BIRDS WILL…

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........... WHO'S THERE???  HOLLYWOOD loOL

Yep it was extremely hard trying to put on my ' I dont care about this audition face' in reality everyone that turned up, was there for the part, swiftly moving on ,,,, the gentlemen and I decided  to leave and hit London for the Dan Hurbert movie played by Tom Hanks, and of course one of us at least lol, so we departed…


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