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VINCENT RIVER by Philip Ridley

"He's always there. Everywhere I go.

Can't get rid of him..."

Davey has seen something he can never forget. Anita is hiding from the truth. Tonight, they come face to face, and devastating realisations will be unearthed.



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AUDITIONS! Call out for LGBTQ+ performers - The "Q" Word

Our next project is an exciting and collaborative one at that - we are looking for between 6 and 8 LGBTQ+ performers to be a part of The "Q" Word.

An evening of monologues written entirely by Welsh and Wales-based members of the LGBTQ+ community, The "Q" Word will…


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Sophie Warren, on writing for "A Crappy Scratchy Christmas"

Not a clue how to start writing this, I only very recently remembered that I'd started up a shoddy blog site back when I was 17 where I'd review plays I'd seen after school purely so I could put it on my UCAS application purely so I could get in to drama school... and clearly I owe my place at RWCMD entirely to that botch blog site... I have no idea where to find it and thank god none of my friends do either. Anyway that's probably about a third of my word limit used up already on that mediocre… Continue

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Writer Chris Harris talks GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE; his entry for 'A Crappy Scratchy Christmas' - our festive, immersive Scratch Night...

OH, I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY a saying that frightens me. In fact, the impulse for GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE (a short play written for this years immersive Christmas scratch night event) were these very lyrics. It intrigues me that if it was indeed Christmas everyday then every shop would be closed, thus we wouldn't be able to be the provisions that we need. Turkeys would be slaughtered by the millions. We would exhaust ourselves of all our Christmas… Continue

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AUDITION NOTICE - No Boundaries' Christmas Project

We are looking for a diverse and exciting cast of emerging Cardiff-based artists to be involved with our next project; think the most dreary, mouldy, and yet unwillingly loveable Christmas party you've ever been to at your local pub, throw in a handful of talented Wales-based writers, and as many Mince Pies as a man can handle, and you've got No Boundaries' very own Christmas Party Scratch Night!

We like to shake things up a little here at No Boundaries, so we're taking your typical…


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CASTING OPPORTUNITY: Two Actors Required for Rehearsed Reading with NO BOUNDARIES.

We are seeking two actors for the roles of ENFYS and FOX to be involved in a rehearsed reading of Chris Harris' play, DOVEY JUNCTION, directed by Luke Hereford. The play takes place at Dovey Junction, a train station, in the middle of nowehere, in West Wales. Enfys and Fox find themselves waiting for a train, but are unsure when it's arriving, or where it might be going. Casting breakdown as follows:

ENFYS; Twenties. She's pretty eccentric,…


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