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Behind the scenes @ Utah Bride: Part 2!

Recently I watched a run through of The Utah Bride.

I was really struck at first by the stage design and how authentic it all looked... I felt like I’d stepped back in time into a traditional Welsh home.

You can check out my pictures below for an exclusive look at the production.

It was moving to see the story unfold, as Alice suddenly returns home one night, four years after running away to live the American dream. The relationship between mother…


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Behind the scenes @ Utah Bride

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a look behind the scenes of new show The Utah Bride!

I got a sneak peek of rehearsals which was exciting. I saw the lovely Utah Bride team at work, including the director Louise Osborn, then Sharon Morgan and Sara Lloyd-Gregory performed a gripping part of the play for me.

You can take a look at my pics from rehearsals below...

The show tours Wales in November, so watch this space for more…


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REVIEW- L.O.V.E by Volcano


L.O.V.E (Volcano theatre)

Sherman Cymru (30.10.12)


What comes to mind when you think of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Boredom? Sentimental romance? Or English lessons at school?


None of the above could be applied to L.O.V.E,  the passionate production recreated by Volcano for the company’s 25th anniversary, based on the bard’s collection of classical poetry.


A winner of the 1993 Time Out…


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WiLD - Review



By Teifi  Emerald

Chapter, Cardiff


WiLD, local performer Teifi Emerald’s first solo show, is a magical and surreal blend of a child’s imagination and adult’s fears.


It is a whimsical journey to unknown lands battling the monsters within, ranging from dragons to murderous duvets. To tell her story, Teifi uses an eclectic mix of…


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Coriolan/us - Review

Coriolan/us - Review

Hangar 858, RAF St. Athan, Vale of Glamorgan

A National Theatre Wales Production in Association with the Royal Shakespeare Company

4 stars


Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes, the innovative director duo behind National Theatre Wales’ acclaimed play The Persians, have teamed up once again on a re-imagining of the tragedy Coriolanus for the World Shakespeare Festival…


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Coriolan/us Mediacall today

Today thanks to NTW I experienced a mediacall for the first time ever!

I went to the vast and breathtaking hangar in St. Athan where Coriolan/us is taking place this month. Journalists from BBC Wales, ITV Wales and S4C were there to film scenes from the production and interview people involved in it.

I was lucky enough to get a preview of exciting and dynamic scenes from Coriolan/us, while various national news crews filmed them. Then I got to observe and take…


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REVIEW: Minsk 2011 at Sherman Cymru

Hi all,

I have written a review of Minsk, 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker as part of the Young Critics Scheme. It was performed at Sherman Cymru this week.


Please feel free to take a look at the review here:




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Experimentica Review

I joined The Young Critics Scheme recently, and have reviewed Experimentica as part of this.

Experimentica is a festival for challenging, provocative and imaginative artworks which took place at Chapter Arts Centre from 12-16 October.

You can read my review here:

Comments and feedback are… Continue

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