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Cymru & I in Japan start!!

Hello, everyone!

Last summer I got inspiration from HIRAETH and participated in WalesLab.  I and Jorge Lizalde(video artist) went to Aberystwyth and interview people about their memory.

Now we started next stage "Cymru & I in japan, Nagaoka"

Nagaoka is my birth place. So we started the journey to discover my "HIRAETH".…


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WalesLab sharing of "Cymru and I" in the middle of my trip

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to talk about the sharing of "Cymru and I".

This summer, I went to a small town in Wales. The town is Aberystwyth.

I met 9 people by chance in the town. They told me about memories in Aberystwyth and precious memories of their life.

Video artist: Jorge Lizalde

Interpreter: Kyoko Iwaki…


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Thanks! Wales! "Cymru and I"

Hello everyone!

Thank you for coming for WalesLab"Cymru and I" sharing on 27 Aug.

I'm very glad that I could get so much advice.

I was able to know the interesting points of "Cymru and I" that I didn't notice.

I got courage to continue my project.

Thank you very much!

Through "Cymru and I", I could meet many…


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Aberystwyth Adventure!

Hello. I came back to Cardiff yesterday.

The adventure in Aberystwyth was very exciting!

Aberystwyth is very beautiful place!

The people are very kind!

I interviewed 9 person about "the memory".

They are tourists, students, professor, dancer and so on.

At first, I planned to…


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Hello Cymru! Cardiff!

I arrived at Cardiff 2 days ago.

I was surprised at  a lot of sea gulls flying in the sky.

I like sea gulls.

Today, I went to National Museum Cardiff.

At first, I was touched by Tim Davies"postcard series2"

My imagination expanded when I watched the person-shaped hole which opened to the postcard.

I couldn't…


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Yo's Waleslab project “Cymru and I”

Hello, nice to meet you.

I’m Yo Nakamura, a choreographer/dancer in Tokyo.


I’m going to join WalesLab in this August. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!!

I participated in a theater production at New National Theater in Japan and NTW's"Opportunity of Efficiency" in March last year. The director, John and all the NTW's member are very charming and wonderful! I am glad to be able to join WalesLab. Thank you very much, National Theatre…


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