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Well Thumbed

Notional Theatre is Edinburgh Fringe previewing Well Thumbed at Chapter on 26th & 27th July then it's off up the motorway. Terry Victor plays the Librarian (it's a one man show) and Barry artist Carl Chapple is exhibiting a pop-up gallery of Well Thumbed authors. Yes, this should be on the Events page but, alas, we can see no way of posting it there and if you reading this you need to know.

Well Thumbed got this review a couple of weeks back: ‘So if you’re aged 14 and up and want to… Continue

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Away With The Fairies....

... is now also available on Vimeo


This short film has  been described as a 'bonkers mash-up of Midsummer Night's Dream and Blair Witch Project. Ukippers won't like it, matriarchists might. Have a look and see what you think.

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Away With The Fairies


This is what Notional Theatre's been up to. Hope you enjoy it.

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Jenin Freedom Theatre

A Statement By The Theatre Community of The United States

It has come to our attention that on June 6, 2012, Nabil Al Raee, Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre, was arrested at gunpoint at 3:15am by the Israeli Defense Forces at his home in Jenin.  This arrest…


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A Review...

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Political Theatre is important - stunning theatre deserves an audience

The International Committee for Artists' Freedom (ICAF) of Equity campaigns on behalf of overseas artists facing oppression and emergency aid situations.  Since its formation ICAF has taken up the cause of artists from many countries around the world facing hardship, censorship, exile, persecution, imprisonment, torture or even death.  Each case is assessed individually, impartially and apolitically and all decisions are based purely on professional and humanitarian…


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A Diamond in the Jubilee Weekend

Two awesome pieces of theatre on in Cardiff this week.

Belarus' Free Theatre doing Minsk 2011 at the Sherman - then a few days later when you've had a chance to get over that - Fragments of Ash is doing two nights at Chapter. It's the end of the tour. Bring tissues.

Try and see both but if push comes to shove we'd really like to see you at Chapter - forget I even mentioned the Sherman.


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What a way to start the jubilee weekend!

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Liu Xiaobo - Instant flyer, instant performance

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Casting breakdown for Spring Tour 2012

Fragments of Ash



Notional Theatre is looking for a company of wonderfully talented South Wales-based actors who are comfortable with both physical and narrative storytelling for the tour of Fragments of Ash. The play, described as “spine-tingling and intense” (Three Weeks) was first produced, to universally excellent reviews, at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe. This tour is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.


A company wage reflects…


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...that's why I'm standing...

On the 2nd of June ballot papers will be sent to Equity members. I am one of the candidates standing for election as Wales' Councillor. It's actually the first election in 21 years where more than one candidate has stood to represent Wales.…


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A Nice Moment

I bumped into Neil Beber at On The Edge at the Riverfront tonight. It turned out that we have both finished writing BIG things with BIG themes in the last couple of days and are now both living in that slightly dreamy state that persists while the mundane world comes back into focus. It's the kind of time when you find yourself writing a blog for no reason other than it's that kind of time.
Just wanted to share...

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the ever-expanding compendium of mini-works

I don't know if you've found the treasure trove lurking in the writers pages yet. If not, go and have a nose because it's time to ask some questions of the wider community. Whatever your specialism or generality, whether you are [in strictly alphabetical order or remix thereof] an actor, audience, designer, director, etc, style-guru, writer or your-name-here your ideas and opinions are actively sought.

At the NTW on-line community meeting on Saturday there was quite a discussion around the… Continue

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compendium of mini-works

There is something extraordinary going on in the compendium of mini-works pages that lurk in the Writers’ ghetto of this fine social network. Described by John McGrath as Really rather special! it’s high time that you, dear reader/writer/director/etc, popped in and had a look.

The idea is to create plays in only 200 Characters – counting every keystroke except the spacebar – and see where it goes. At the time of writing there are 11 new and original pieces to be found;… Continue

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There's been some extraordinary works - seven/maybe more new plays - posted in the compendium of mini-works (in the writers' group) over the last couple of days. Whoever is reading this, please explore the works and get excited/feedback/write another one. Warning: one of the writers claims the work is addictive.

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Junk mail

That Khalifababy/Linda is a flighty piece, spreading misspelt gender-testing seduction willy nilly. How many of us got that mail?
Is it spam? Damn right: it's a meat auction.
Or prankster art? - in which case, yeah, point made, classic. Not.

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This is advertising...

Wednesday 15 July 2009

The Riverfront, Newport, 7.00 pm

Tickets: £2.00

Academi have once again joined forces with BBC Radio 4 to organise the Welsh Heat of their UK Performance Poetry Slam. Heats will be held across the UK in nine BBC regions and will see established slammers battle it out to be crowned heat winner on their home turf. The two winners from each heat will then go on to compete in the semi-finals which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

The judging… Continue

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