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Praxis Makes Perfect - Tech Day

I'm gunna begin by saying it's the end of a long gruelling tiring day (no sympathy please.... ok if you really want to :)) so if this blog makes no sense don't blame me, blame NTW for putting me in this position. No.... as much as i grumble and moan because i like to all this is more than made up for by having the chance to be a part of another amazing production by NTW.

This time it's Praxis Makes perfect in association with Neon Neon (i'm sorry if it's all one word). Set in a secret…


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Putting the Presentation Training into Practise

So it has been a month or so since a group of us got together in the NTW Office to get some Presentation training from Lesa and today was the day i got the chance to put all the tecniques i learnt into practice.

I was asked by Devinda and Anna to represent Team and create a presentation to give to first year students at the Atrium University as which i am currently a second year. As much as i looked forward to being able to put the training into use i was wholly scared as to the fact…


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For the many people who don't know me (shame on you) then i'm John and i have been a part of Team since the NTW production of Outdoors in Aberystwyth. I am currently studying Drama at the University of Glamorgan, Atrium and am heading into my 2nd Year. I have been lucky enough to become part of Team panel over the next year which we hope will aid the development of NTW for the coming years. They asked that we introduce ourselves in a creative way so this is my…


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Presentation Training

One of the many advantages and i mean many of being a part of NTW and Team is all the training workshops you get to do. Today was Presentation Training with Lesa and once again i was able to learn new things that i can continue to put into practice throughout University and beyond. Interactive and enjoyable it was the perfect learning environment and it also helped being surrounded by fellow Team members who were all so supportive.


If the opportunity arises again to go to a…


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End of an Experience

Saturday 17th March 2012 this day will be etched in the memories of millions of the Welsh for this was the day that Wales won their 3rd Grandslam in 8 years. But this was a bigger day for around 30 of us it was the day we said goodbye to NTW17 A Provincial Life and what a FANTASTIC experience i have had. My first ever professional production and boy did i enjoy it. I met some amazing new people who i am happy to say all became mates (it seems that all NTW do is attract amazingly kind…


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Working With A Master - NTW17 A Provincial Life - Opening Night

I think the title says everything really ....


For the last week and a half or so myself and 12 other Ensemble performers along with a 15 strong cast have been putting the final touches to NTW's newest production.





I have enjoyed every last second, i think we all have. It is so inspiring to be working with as i say a master. Peter Gill master director has just been amazing. Every last detail…


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Transformed - A little blog update

Well today was again an early morning start and the location once again London, to vist Cosprop where we would be having our costume fittings for NTW17 A Provincial Life and as the title says i was transformed, gone was the twenty year old current generation student and what appeared was a man from 1890s russia - TRANFORMATION. The precise deatail of each costume was amazing to see, it was a new experience from someone who expects to find a costume from their own clothes when normally in a…


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First Rehersal - Ensemble - NTW17 A Provincial Life

A 7.30am start to the morning would not be the beginning of an amazing day for me but yesterday was different. We travelled (pretty quickly i must add) all the way from Cardiff to London. This was our first rehearsal as part of the ensemble for NTW newest production. On refelction everything was amazing, my fellow ensemblers are deffo people who under normal circumstances would become friends with they each individually are amazing people and i am honoured to work alongside them. Walking in…


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The Mega Assembley Experience

Wednesday 27th July 2011 i arrive in the capital of our wonderful country and then immediately get lost. This is the best beginning i could of hoped for, to a brilliant couple of days in the company of some of the finest individuals to grace this earth. I arrived with the knowledge i would be a lucky performer in the eventual Mega Assembley on the saturday, two days to create 5 performances with three other unknown performers. The NTW don't half like setting challenges do they ? But we did it… Continue

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TEAM MEETING (meeting of the greatest team)

It was really great to once again reorganise ourselves back into Team Aberystwyth and was especially good to see Catherine and Devinda and be able to chat and get together. The main aim for today was to fill in some questionaires and do some interviews (to show amazing Team Aberystwyth really was). I will have the pleasure of performing at the Mega Assembley but it was nice as group to create an input and just reflect on the special time we had with the NTW and quite sincerely when the question… Continue

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Back to work with a BANG !!

As i walked through the door of WHSmith's Cardigan i felt some dissapointment it finally hit home that i was back to reality and would have to go back to the humdrum routine of my life after having what can only be said as the best week of my life. Never in my life have i liked walking up a hill so much lol i complained but on the inside it wasn't so bad as i knew that i would have another fantastic day. I loved every waking moment i was able to spend up there, yes it got tiring and hard but…


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Assembly Week

Today began the week of the Aberystwyth assembly which i am really looking forward to in fact i'm looking forward to the whole week and the opportunities it might throw up and just to be part of a great group creating great work. We were given the posters for the assembly (which i must say i look very sexy in haha) and then went out into the centre of Aberystwyth to film peoples responses and observations to our question 'Is Aberystwyth at the end of the road' this threw up some interesting… Continue

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Aberystwyth Assembly - Outdoors - Two day spectacular

I just want to say how much i have enjoyed the last couple of days working with The National Theatre of Wales it has given us so many opportunities and i have really enjoyed it immensly. It is a special feeling to know you are a member of a huge professional theatre company and that we are helping in our own small way. And i have never worked with better people, you know who you are !! Thank you very much and well done everyone.

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