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Play Eurovision Bingo

Eurovision Bingo is a game I found on the web. You need: people, a television set, paper and pens. (Some gin might help too.)

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Gaming meets theatre... Play tests and game development in Prestatyn

Gaming meets theatre... Or is it vice-versa?


At the moment Rhiannon, Bethan and I are working on refinements to our game design document, which is the definitive guide to everything that can happen in the course of The Beach game.

The game design document - or GDD - is like a script I suppose because there are… Continue

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Google celebrates Pacman today - and you can play

Google are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic game Pacman today.

You can play it too. Amazing. Go to and click Insert Coin. Eat the pills. You need to avoid the ghosties but you can eat them if you've taken a power pill.

As a budding game designer, try and figure out the algorithm - the "recipe" if you like - which is guiding the… Continue

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Weird and possibly controversial mobile game of the moment - Blowtooth

There is a lot of experimentation in pervasive mobile gaming right now.

There's still a certain novelty and the long-term appeal of games that rely heavily on this is uncertain. Witness the mobile game Foursquare, which could just be viewed as a ploy to get people to gather valuable geodata for free.

If you're looking for something a little more edgy, have a look at Blowtooth:…


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A glimpse of Prestatyn Parish Church and graveyard

This short video gives a glimpse of Prestatyn Parish Church (also called Christchurch) and its graveyard.

Among the graves are those of shipwrecked mariners and six choirboys who drowned in a tragic accident in 1868.

Our exploration of Prestatyn last weekend forms part of our research for The Beach, ntw05 happening this July… Continue

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