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Rather splendid game testing in Prestatyn this week - all welcome!

THIS WEEK. If can get to the beach at Prestatyn and you're over 14 (whether that's just about or by a sizeable margin...) you are very welcome to pop along and meet us to play some games.

June 2010

Sunday 13th starts 6PM

Monday 14th starts 6PM

Tuesday 15th starts 6PM

If not we are also testing games at the end of June too. Details are in the flyer above.… Continue

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Play Eurovision Bingo

Eurovision Bingo is a game I found on the web. You need: people, a television set, paper and pens. (Some gin might help too.)

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Gaming meets theatre... Play tests and game development in Prestatyn

Gaming meets theatre... Or is it vice-versa?


At the moment Rhiannon, Bethan and I are working on refinements to our game design document, which is the definitive guide to everything that can happen in the course of The Beach game.

The game design document - or GDD - is like a script I suppose because there are… Continue

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Google celebrates Pacman today - and you can play

Google are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic game Pacman today.

You can play it too. Amazing. Go to and click Insert Coin. Eat the pills. You need to avoid the ghosties but you can eat them if you've taken a power pill.

As a budding game designer, try and figure out the algorithm - the "recipe" if you like - which is guiding the… Continue

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Weird and possibly controversial mobile game of the moment - Blowtooth

There is a lot of experimentation in pervasive mobile gaming right now.

There's still a certain novelty and the long-term appeal of games that rely heavily on this is uncertain. Witness the mobile game Foursquare, which could just be viewed as a ploy to get people to gather valuable geodata for free.

If you're looking for something a little more edgy, have a look at Blowtooth:…


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A glimpse of Prestatyn Parish Church and graveyard

This short video gives a glimpse of Prestatyn Parish Church (also called Christchurch) and its graveyard.

Among the graves are those of shipwrecked mariners and six choirboys who drowned in a tragic accident in 1868.

Our exploration of Prestatyn last weekend forms part of our research for The Beach, ntw05 happening this July… Continue

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The Guardian's Lyn Gardner on theatre: "wake up" to social media

Some provocative points about theatre and social media in a Lyn Gardner blog post this week.

Sample paragraph:

The answer is clearly for theatres to embrace social media in all its forms, and use their natural creativity to do it well. That doesn't simply mean a website on which theatregoers can see what's playing and


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Becoming a new member of National Theatre Wales Community (manual approval of genuine members)

Existing members

If you're already a member of this community, thanks for blogging, commenting and sharing your insights. You can safely ignore the rest of this post.

New members

Today we've made a very small change to the way new members are welcomed in. When you sign up to become a member there will be a short delay while your membership is approved manually.

You'll see a screen telling… Continue

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Play Hell Tetris

I hope your week has been better than this!

You can attempt Hell Tetris here.

It's an interesting contribution to the art and science of game design. A bit like Les Dawson's contributions to piano playing maybe.

Image from… Continue

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Help videos and tips for National Theatre Wales Community, new! newydd! neu!

New help pages

Tom and I have added a whole bunch of Help pages to this site.

There's a new HELP button for easy access, available at the top at all times.

Even if you have experience of using the Community site, there will hopefully still be useful nuggets of info,… Continue

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Pit, Cranium Wow and Understanding Games

Still playing stacks of games. Here are two fun table-top games.


Why is this fun game not more widely known? A fast-paced game of trading cards which represent stocks like wheat, flax and barley. You need about…


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Bertolt Brecht once wrote a short story partly set in Cardiff...

Intriguing blog post

Babylon Wales is one of the absolute best blogs EVER, especially if you like to read about things like George Orwell in Blaenau Ffestiniog and Sophia Loren in Crumlin. (I do.)

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Impress your friends, torment your enemies. (How to design a game)

The fifth NTW production is called The Beach and has the tag ntw05.

Story of the production so far: we went location spotting and summoned that July feeling at 11 different north Wales beaches. (It was December.) We also did… Continue

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Culture in a vacuum: Welsh arts coverage in the English language media

Worth a read. It's mainly about literature - but I think has a relevance to theatre and what National Theatre Wales is doing.

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Problems signing out of this website?

I can't sign out!

Recently some people have had problems signing out of the National Theatre Wales community website (or "logging out", same thing). The problem: when you click Sign Out, it just remains signed in. If you have this problem, this post will probably help.

The problem is usually caused by old cookies. These are little text files saved locally on your computer which help to preserve your preferences between visits. To solve the problem, you can delete… Continue

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Blogging reference guide and handy hints - text, links, images, video

Below are some hints to help you to blog on National Theatre Wales social network. At the time of writing a few people have written some posts, you can too.

The network is built on a system called Ning and the interface is pretty friendly. Some of this info is available on Ning's own help pages. But I wanted to give it to you directly and intersperse it with some general tips.


Blog is short for "web log".

There are conventions and… Continue

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