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Postcards From Port Talbot

Sometimes it's better to wait to read a review. All memories now...




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Outdoors - Review

Outdoors: National Theatre Wales / Rimini Protokoll, Aberystwyth

How do you walk out of a production when you are already outdoors?

This is the question (the only question, unless you count ‘What’s the point?’) posed by National Theatre Wales’ collaboration with Berlin-based ‘reality theatre pioneers’ Rimini Protokoll. If part of the project here was to push the boundaries of what counts as theatre – what counts as art – as far as possible in the hope that…


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The Dark Philosophers - Review


Here's what I thought at the Raconteur...

Comments welcome, as always.

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I don't give stars, but if I did The Persians would get five!

Theatre of War

‘Their families have been told.’

Behind the most banal of platitudes lie the most lamentable tragedies. Aeschylus’ The Persians, Europe’s oldest surviving play,…


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The Beach review

My name is… Dylan

My age is… 30

I live in… Cardiff

But I’m originally from… Mid Wales

‘That’s not very specific,’ says NTW producer Lucy Gough, standing…


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For Mountain Sand and Sea

Here's what I think I thought of For Mountain Sand and Sea.

Only thing is, despite giving it the 'worst' review of the four productions so far, it has since played on my mind and I think I'll have far more lasting memories of the day than with the others to which I gave broadly positive reviews.

Interesting. What do you think?…


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Shelf Life: A Night At The Library

Some thoughts about Shelf Life, and libraries:


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Dylan Moore on A Good Night Out

The choice of first show for a brand new national theatre company is necessarily a political one. For a non-building based company like National Theatre Wales, the venue also assumes extra

significance. With an opening performance called A Good Night Out In The

Valleys touring miners’ institutes and workmens’ halls, Artistic Director John

E McGrath has very deliberately planted the National Theatre flag in…


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