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The Stories They Would Tell / Y Straeon a Ddywedent



Trees have rooted into our consciousness for as long as we have told stories. Their language holds the ground that is our past while stretching our minds up to the sky and future potential. Trees are our lungs; the words in our mouths; they are our confidants and friends.


If the trees speak in myriad ways - is it us who have forgotten how to listen? After everything they’ve seen what would the trees tell us?


In association with Bute Park and…


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Project Hush R&D

Recently I’ve been working on Project Hush, a new site specific theatre piece by Papertrail Theatre Company. Sited at the Rhydymwyn Valley Works (an old WWII chemical weapons factory), it tells the story of…


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Project Hush

I've been a bit slack with blogging on the NTW sites for a while but there's a new project I'm really excited to be involved in that I wanted to tell you about.

I'm part of the team working on Project Hush for Papertrail Theatre Company. It's currently in a second R&D phase leading up to a private showing on site in the old Rhydymwyn factory works in May. More about the project, along with a lovely film, is here:…


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**PAID OPPORTUNITY** Poetry in Motion: A perambulatory tribute to Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Two paid support roles are open for this project below. Fee is £50 for the afternoon + travel.

Email Christine Mathews-Sheen: for more information and/or to apply.

Poetry in Motion:  A perambulatory tribute to Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Monday 11 July 2016  13.00 - 17.00


This event will be a celebration  of this great Romantic poet, where members of the public will  be inspired and encouraged to write a poem to the love of their…


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Slam Wrecsam - participants callout

Hello all,

I'm working on a new project with Literature Wales and Wrecsam County Council called Slam Wrecsam. If you, or anyone you know might be interested in attending some free spoken word workshops give me a shout?

Two of the groups are sorted, this call-out is for sessions that will be run in Splash Magic, Plas Madoc, nr Wrecsam.




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Big Democracy at the Senedd

New blog about BIG DEMOCRACY project at the Senedd here:




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Calling all writers! Let’s get Dirty, Gifted & Welsh again!

Sign up to Dirty Gifted & Welsh's Scratch Space and have your writing transformed into live performance!

Anyone can sign up to perform or have their work performed. We just ask that the work is somehow related to the written word for performance... DGW is a celebration of new…


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CASTING CALL: National Theatre Wales and Dirty Protest are casting current TEAM members for Dirty, Gifted & Welsh



Hello! I'm Sophie, I'm running the Scratch Space at Dirty, Gifted & Welsh. This year, TEAM are organising the popular Scratch Space, where you can sign up in advance or on the day, to have YOUR work performed in 15-minute slots.

TEAM are looking for current members to join the day's Scratch Space ensemble. You will spend the…


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TEAM panel - Sophie McKeand

Hi I’m Sophie McKeand and this will be my second year on TEAM Panel. I’m a poet from Wrecsam in North Wales and love love love being part of TEAM. I originally wanted to join Panel because I want to connect more with my community and bring more NTW events to this little part of Cymru; I also want to create great art and meet other likeminded people, and TEAM gives me the opportunity to do all of these things.


In 2015 I was lucky enough to make it to NTW Summercamp. It was a…


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Word 4 Word at Wrecsam’s Refugee fundraiser event

I love living in Wrecsam. It can be a crazy old town at times but after a period of stagnation where only a few bands kept the scene alive, The Arts are most definitely flourishing here with music, art, poetry and language threading together to produce new and interesting collaborations and projects.


We don’t have a huge refugee or asylum population in…


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ntwTEAM performance party

One of the primary reasons for applying to be on National Theatre Wales’ TEAM Panel was that I wanted to champion more NTW events happening in my hometown of Wrecsam, and Y Gogs as a whole. Being on the Panel gives me the opportunity to voice these opinions and I’m loving being involved with NTW because they…


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Wales PEN Cymru & National Theatre Wales TEAM opportunity to meet Ahmed Knowmadic

Wales PEN Cymru & National Theatre Wales TEAM invite you to an evening in the company of Somali born Canadian poet and performer Ahmed Knowmadic:

This is an opportunity for local Somali writers, PEN members and National Theatre Wales TEAM members to get together socially and to meet Ahmed Knowmadic

There will be a free halal buffet and coffee - and possibly a poem or two.

7 - 9pm…


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Cyfle wedi’i dalu gan TEAM (Gogledd Cymru) TEAM paid opportunity (north Wales)

Cyfle wedi’i dalu gan TEAM

Mae’r amser wedi cyrraedd am TEAM Performance Party arall. Mae Anna Poole a Sophie McKnead yn dod at ei gilydd i greu rhywbeth hwylus, rhyngweithiol wedi’i ysbrydoli gan TEAM yng Ngogledd Cymru. Dyna pam maen nhw angen chi! Maen nhw’n edrych am 4 perfformiwr chwareus i ymuno yn yr hwyl. Bydd ymgeiswyr llwyddiannus yn gweithio’n agos gydag Anna a Sophie i ddyfeisio perfformiadau byr, ac i gynnal sgyrsiau gydag aelodau’r gynulleidfa yn ystod y…


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NTW Summercamp & The Art of Protest

Movement & Process (work in progress): a performance piece created by Sophie McKeand & EunJin Choi at National Theatre Wales Summercamp 2015. In protest.

photo by Jorge Lizdale

by Sophie McKeand & EunJin Choi

More here:…


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Thoughts on Mother Courage and Her Children

by Bertolt Brecht
in a translation by John Willett

Revised by Ed Thomas

Lyrics revised by Dafydd James and Ed Thomas

Director: John E McGrath

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m driving down to Merthyr Tydfil from Wrecsam for the press night of National Theatre Wales’ new adaptation of Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children. I’m doing this partly because I’m determined not to let Wrecsam’s current artistic renaissance make me…


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Tocyn i Ble? Gan Cwmni Cofis Bach.

I ddechrau - roedd Tocyn i Ble yn ardderchog! Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg ar hyn o bryd felly ron i’n falch o gael y cyfle i weld sioe yn y Gymraeg - diolch eto ntwTEAM. Mae Tocyn i Ble wedi cael ei ysgrifennu gan Siwan Llynor a Chlwb Drama Cofis Bach. Perfformiwyd gan bobl ifanc o Gaernarfon ac actorion lleol, yn llyfrgell Prifysgol Bangor. Gweles i’r ymarfer gwisg  10fed o Ebrill, a mi wnaeth o argraff arna i. Mwynheuais i’r gerddoriaeth a theitho o gwmpas llyfrgell y Brifysgol. Roedd y gwisgoedd…


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Casgliad 2015 (Youth Arts Network Cymru)

Being on National Theatre Wales’s TEAM Panel guarantees I'm inundated with thought-provoking events and conferences to represent NTW at, and Casgliad 2015 was no different. At 9am on Saturday 11th April I found myself, along with TEAM coordinator Laura Thomas and fellow panelist Loui-Joe Milne, drinking in the stunning view from Aberystwyth’s Art Centre, ready for a full day of workshopping. Facilitated and curated by YANC members…


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ntw TEAM Critical Chinwag @ Clwyd Theatre Cymru

Dear TEAM members,

Critical Chinwag is back - this time in north Wales! 


We’re going to see Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play The Lady from the Sea (Y Fenyw Ddaeth o’r Mor), translated into Cymraeg by the inspirational Menna Elfyn. 


In return for a FREE ticket and some lovely after-show refreshments…


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crouch touch pause engage - some thoughts

crouch touch pause engage

Written by Robin Soans

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Sherman Cymru

Monday 23rd February


I’ve recently joined the National Theatre Wales TEAM panel. This provides me the opportunity to get more involved with live events in Wales, as well as supporting and encouraging the artistic scene in my hometown of Wrecsam. Anyone can join the TEAM community …


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Joining NTW TEAM panel

Hello I’m Sophie McKeand a poet from north Wales living in Wrecsam. I’ve been involved with NTW previously on the What Does a Welsh Person Sound Like? project as well as taking part in the first ever Big Democracy event in Bangor earlier this year.


I’m delighted to be joining TEAM panel. My aim is to encourage and support NTW events happening in north-east Wales over the coming months. I have worried in the past that much of the creative and artistic attention…


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