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Folklore - Graig Du Theatre Players

Another project that has been in progress, and nearing completion, is a monologue concerning the folklore of Wales and how it impacts on a folklorist's demeanour as he searches for answers to our existence and eventually it causes a complete mental collapse in which reality is not all it seems. The narrator, unnamed, tells of The Faery Folk in the extract below.

Carnival originally meant festival of the flesh. That a race of cannibalistic faery folk existed in the…


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Gordon of Khartoum - Graig Du Theatre Players

 "Gordon of Khartoum" by Glyndwr Edwards has recently been published by Steve Cawte of impspired books. The one-act play is set in Khartoum,1885, when the city awaits its fate at the hands of the Mahdist forces. The play explores in depth the complex character of General Gordon. There is a rehearsed reading of certain sections of the play planned in the near future and Glyn will give details when it is to take place. The book is available on Amazon and the link is given…


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Nell and The Old Woman - Graig Du Theatre Players

Charles Dickens created some of the most memorable characters in English Literature. This extract, from a monologue I wrote, “Nell and The Old Woman”, is about Nell Trent, the doomed heroine of “The Old Curiosity Shop”. The book deserves a careful reading because it offers many perspectives on human character; how people are made to suffer through no fault of their own. The monologue is part of my interpretation of a curious scene that takes place in a graveyard with an old woman Nell meets…


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