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The end of a short but thoroughly wonderful era...

Hey blog peeps!!

Last night was the final show of "A Good Night Out..." and what a show it was.

There was a lot of nervous energy flying around backstage as we prepared to say goodbye to our lovingly developed characters. The last show is always a strange one, as you feel the need and the desire to make it perfect. But there was extra pressure for me last night, as everyone I have ever met was in the audience (I exaggerate for dramatic effect!) But we needn't have…


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2 down.... more to go!

Hey blog type people!

So, we have now completed our run in Blackwood and it feels a little like leaving home for the first time. We have been rehearsing there for so many weeks, it feels like that is where the show belongs. But, as we have known all along, it is time to leave and move on to the next venue. However, we are taking one part of the Blackwood shows with us... the musical phenomenon that are 4th Street Traffic are joining us in Blaengarw (at very short notice!!!)…


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And here comes the fear.....

Hello blog peeps.

Ok, so I know that by now you are all used to the comedy blogging genius of Mr Boyd "Bertolt" Clack, but I thought you should know something of the other side of the rehearsal process.

It is a method I like to call "Sheer Bloody Panic"!!!!! (a good name for a band methinks?!)

So, as some of you may know, we've had a bit longer than usual to rehearse 'A Good Night Out....' and that has been invaluable to all of us. We…


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A Good Day Out in the Valleys

Hey peoples!!

We are getting quite good at this blogging thing now, so I thought I would take a moment to tell you what we've been up to....

It was one of our residency days today, so we all piled onto Buddy's Fun Bus for a road trip to Blaengarw for a day of rehearsing, meeting with the locals and getting to know another of the venues we will eventually be taking the finished show to.

There are a couple of reasons why these days are useful. Firstly, from a…


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End of Week 2 on "A Good Night Out in the Valleys"

Hi All

We are now at the end of week 2 of rehearsals for "A Good Night..." and, so far, things are going according to plan (if there is a plan that is... John seems to know what he's doing!).

Before I tell you what we've been up to this week, I would like to point out that Huw was absolutely correct when he said that all the ladies (and quite a few of the men) on this production fancy the a**e off Boyd.... deal with it Rees!!! We're only human after all.

Today's warm up…


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