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Cold Case: Game Play Test - Sunday 10th February

Aspiring private investigators, amateur sleuths and detectives we need you!

We are looking for people to come and play test a new prototype game experience this weekend.

If you are free and interested come and join us on Sunday 10th Feb at …


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About the project

As part of ACW Lead Creative Schools Scheme, Pillgwenlly Primary School are looking to collaborate with a Drama Practitioner/Creative Writer to work with Year 2 Pupils to develop their oracy skills. Their aim is to discover and develop creative techniques that would help and inspire the children to be more creative during oracy tasks and embed the techniques to feed into their written work.…


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yello brick are looking for an actress that can confidently perform a Suffolk accent for a short audio experience. The project is an outdoor digital experience lasting approximately 12 minutes that tells the history of a location through the voice of one of the buildings on the site.

Depending on availability we would be looking to rehearse and record for a full day during late September/early October possibly in Cardiff or…


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Experience | Place | Story - Profiad | Lle | Stori

What’s it all about?

A creative morning that delves into ways in which place, experience and story can be explored through digital and analogue technologies. Against the noisy backdrop of investment in VR and AR can we create new dialogues with audiences that arouse the senses,…


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UCAN Create & yello brick - Masterclass Rosie Fairchild - Adventure Architect

We are pleased to announce that our final UCAN Create Masterclass will take place next week:

Rosie Fairchild - Splash and Ripple

Exploration of storytelling through located sound, listening to some of my work and exploring some outside. Discussion on what is possible when we get back.

Friday 15th of April

17:00 - 20:00

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff

About Splash…


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UCAN Create Masterclass - Scratch+Sniff: getting creative with aroma

We have been quite busy over at yello brick this year already and recently we have been working with UCAN on curating a series of Unique Masterclasses, the next of which is taking place on Friday 26th of February 17:00 - 19:30 – Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff.

This UCAN Create Masterclasses ''Scratch+Sniff: getting creative with aroma'' will be run by practitioner Odette Toilette who you may remember from …


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Scent Special FX - Workshop Survey

Just a quick post to ask people to spare a few minutes to answer a few questions that will help shape a forthcoming workshop - Scent Special FX with Odette Toilette, a fragrance specialist who was a guest speaker at playARK in 2013.
If you keen to incorporate scent into live performance, installations or exhibitions....but don't know where to start, Scent Special FX will provide the teaching and kit to make the aroma…

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Lead Creative Schools Opportunity for music practitioners

I'm looking for music practitioners from any discipline who would be interested in working with a triad of schools in and around Newport as part of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme. The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote new ways of working, with innovative and bespoke programmes of learning designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning. More information about the Lead Creative Schools Scheme can be found here:…


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Volunteers needed for photo shoot tomorrow!

I'm looking for some volunteers for a photo shoot tomorrow in Cardiff for a forthcoming production. We will only require you for an hour or two. If anyone is interested please get in touch. There will be tea and cake......

Contact me via email:

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Silent State - A pervasive theatre game experience for WNO

Music has been banned in the town of Wrexham and silence ensues. The town is now a very different place, regimented and controlled, whilst the black market thrives with secret traders dealing in bootleg musical experiences. Anyone seen cavorting, making melodic merry, or moving rhythmically are immediately detained. Being caught in possession of musical artefacts of…


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Connected Stories Course

Connected Stories 

1st April - 3rd April 2014 


Connected Stories is a three day workshop event that will be an opportunity for individuals from different disciplines and methodologies to come together to learn, develop and explore what the…


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Casting Call for Actors for Audio Narrative

1 x actor and 1 x actress required for voice recording as part of a location based audio narrative experience.

Characters are roughly in their 30’s so we are looking for voices that fit that age range. The script is bilingual so applicants MUST be Welsh speakers.

About the project - 

We are currently developing an audio based experience that can be accessed on the local cycle networks in…


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I AM TUDOR - Are you?

An announcement has been made today that the New Tudor State has been established. 

Find out if you worthy to enter the Tudor Court.

Take the

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playARK Festival and Talks

The playARK Festival and talks 2013  is coming up in November and we've got some great opportunities.

- playARK play:DO Hack Week

The hack week is a five day programme that will focus on the idea of knowledge exchange and open experimentation. The participants will be asked to collaboratively work in small groups to creatively explore, develop and prototype a playful experience that responds to social challenges within Cardiff City. We want to hear from artists, technologists,…


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Call Out - Get involved in Reverie

We are looking for some volunteers for certain roles for the forthcoming multi platform production of Reverie which is taking place in May and is being produced by yello brick and directed by Gerald Tyler.

We are looking for people to fill one of the following three roles:

- Stewards - This role will based at one of the venues and consist of guiding participants into the space.

- Shadows - This role will be an active one and will be a mix between an acting role…


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Open auditions for REVERIE - Multiplatform theatre experience

We are currently looking for 8 actors to cast in REVERIE which is a multiplatform theatre experience and is a sequel to our previous production EVERWAKE which took place in 2011. ( The narrative will be told through online and offline content building up to the production which will be a mix of roaming theatre and pervasive street gaming. REVERIE will take place in May in multiple locations in Cardiff…


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Storytelling and Game

A fabulous talk from Margaret Robertson on games and storytelling. She explores how stories are told through game and how they can exist beyond the video screen. The possibilities are endless when we look at 'cross pollinating' games with the world around us by utilising technological complexity and enhancement. The idea of players becoming collaborators rather than simply being an audience is at the heart of the work we do at yello…


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A new project is afoot!

“There were lovely subtleties that even now I’m remembering and beginning to be conscious of. It’s like there’s an overall picture that we’re only getting a glimpse of. Further chapters please.”

everwake participant


It's been just over a year since…


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