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Invisible Ink theatre company are looking for a producer!

Invisible Ink are a new writing company made up of director Sita Calvert-Ennals and writer Alan Harris. We are looking for a producer for our new show, The Terrible Things I’ve Done. This is our second show following on from our sell out co-production with Theatr Iolo of The Magic Toyshop in 2014.  

The show will premiere in Cardiff for a week in October 2016 and hopefully go on to tour Welsh venues in 2017.

It is supported by an Arts Council of Wales grant…


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Confess with Invisible ink theatre company

Confess with Invisible Ink Theatre Company 

Research for The Terrible Things I’ve Done, a new production 

Now’s the time to unburden yourself completely anonymously.

Have you done a terrible thing? Or had a terrible thing done to you? Terrible things can be big or small. This is your chance to get ‘that thing’ off your chest.  

Invisible Ink Theatre Company is in the process of developing a new theatre…


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Devil Inside Him week 3!...

So it’s the beginning of week 3 and I thought it was about time I introduced myself and let you know a bit about what we are up too.I’m Sita Calvert – Ennals the grateful recipient of one of N. T. W’s emergent director bursaries. I‘m very happy to be assisting Elen Bowman and a fantastic cast on The Devil Inside him.

The play is set in 1950 in a small village about half an hour away from Swansea. So the first week was about getting into the world. Myself and Sarah…

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