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We can't all be idle dreamers...

Performing Philip Burton's "lost" play after an 80-year hiatus has raised a few eyebrows, which is nice. Here's a review of "Granton Street" from our performance at Mountain Ash. On 24th October we take the show to Duffryn Lower School in Port Talbot, where Burton taught and discovered the young Richard Jenkins; who went on to make - or rather, take - quite a name for himself! :-)…


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With a new step every day...

Nice to be back working on a bit of Lunchtime Theatre.

"Heaven's Paradise" is a one-act psychological thriller from Derek Webb, with a superficially straightforward plot in which we're discovering all kinds of depth during rehearsals.

Ten years ago, something weird happened on Lundy Island. When we've worked out exactly what it was, we'll let you know... or at least, drop some hints!…


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A most humorous sadness...

"Invest me in my motley! Give me leave

To speak my mind, and I will through and through

Cleanse the foul body of th'infected world!"…


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This'll Jinx It!

Rehearsals just about done and we're ready to show off Katie Bowman's latest work of twisted genius. Come along and see "To Jinx, Or Not To Jinx", and see if you can spot all the "Hamlet" references. This is #Shakespeare400, after all...

It's been a fun show to work on with a talented young cast including Ankur Sengupta, Georgia Williams and Tobias…


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Much larks at the NTW Team Skill Swap event in Cardiff on Sunday. I wasn't expecting it to turn into a cross-city treasure hunt, but it was worth it to discover the bounteous fields of Haribo!

An energizing and encouraging day. I will definitely be back for another go at a future event... if I can find it!

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Mogadishu Blues

First full day of rehearsal today on a new project, for Tent of Xerxes.

The Body of an American, by Dan O'Brien, tells the story of the friendship formed between the author and the Canadian war reporter Paul Watson. Watson took the famous, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of a Somali mob…


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In states unborn, and accents yet unknown.

It's not easy, this conspiracy lark...

Performing in Fluellen Theatre's "Julius Caesar" has nonetheless been a joy, with a cast of energetic, creative (and depressingly YOUNG) actors forming the beating heart of the show.

Okay, so we all end up stabbing…


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All For Love

Broke new ground in my career today - my first performance as a non-human! Thankfully, the baboons in David Weiner's "Feeding Time at the Human House" are quite heavily anthropomorphized, so I didn't have to paint my bum red or climb on anything...!

Jayne Stillman and I performed two of Weiner's shorts for Fluellen Theatre Company as part of the ongoing…


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