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My Body Welsh - Critical Chinwag - the local universal

This play was so good I went to see it twice.

The second time I brought along a few ntw TEAM members (existing and new) to share the experience and have a 'critical chinwag' afterwards.

There were lots of things I liked about the play, from its gentle wit to its highly animated protagonist, the wonderful use of props also as doubling as ingenious sound devices, and a refreshingly confident approach to bilinguality that wasn't laboured.

My Body Welsh throws us into the… Continue

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My Body Welsh - Critical Chinwag @Galeri Caernarfon

Would you like the chance to see a piece of current theatre for free and join a group of us in the bar afterwards for a chat about it?

Critical Chinwag is a really fun way to get a bit more out of theatre, and National Theatre Wales TEAM are supporting us to run one of these at Galeri Caernarfon next week around the fantastic one-man show 'My Body Welsh'.

All you have to do is get in touch with me and say you'd like to join us. We only have a limited number of tickets so be… Continue

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And another... Hi! I'm a new TEAM panel member

So it looks like I am now part of the National Theatre Wales TEAM panel! It's lovely to be asked to be part of this dynamic and future thinking organisation and I really hope I can do my bit in helping NTW be even more relevant, better connected and National than ever.

If you haven't already come across me I have been involved in NTW TEAM for a couple of years now, with critical chinwags, live blogs, skill swaps, designing and devising for performance parties and generally checking… Continue

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Comfort in the infinite - Light Waves Dark Skies (critical chinwag)

For my second critical chinwag outing I found myself travelling to Cardiff and my first visit to the Chapter Arts Centre in some years. And what a great small arts centre success story it is! It was great to be back.

The play is another micro success story - it started out as a National Theatre Wales 'Waleslab' project, which means that it was initially an exploratory project supported by NTW's creative development policy for new talent and project seeding. From there it has continued to… Continue

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Iliad all night marathon part IV - in the end there is no end

Everything hangs on a thread.

Prayers to the gods, who will be heard?

Battleworn, grey, barely able to stand anymore and wondering will this ever end - no, not the audience, but the cast of warriors whose battle spins and switches back and forth, as fates intervene and fortunes wheels slide like a chariot in the mud.

The final chapter in this epic is one where all sense of right and wrong, winner and loser and even our own sleeping and waking worlds are blurred. But however… Continue

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Iliad all night marathon part III - no one is spared

And so to war.

We endure full fat gore as we are told the tales both small and vast of the showdown between Troy and Greece. The human tragedy of war unfolds. Twisting sinews, splintering bone and splint intestines are set against the mesmerising glint of sharpened steel and polished bronze.

A throbbing hum surrounds us, vistas of history ancient and new are thrown into the wind that we imagine is blown around us, voices drift, people slump and the case are redeemed, what is real and… Continue

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Iliad all night marathon part II - war of the chairs

Part I ended with a call to war and part II started with a battle cry...

From the minute we re-enter the theatre space the pace picks up, we stand expectant of action and rhythmic music surrounds us as the space fills with people. The generals of war take the stage and give us great polemics of bravery and honour, 1000s of men invited to shed their blood in the name of a cause.. And that name is Helen.

We get to meet her and hear her painful, angry, proud story in a quiet but… Continue

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Iliad all night marathon part I

After weeks of anticipation, a day of travel and a sea of new faces, I am finally here blogging live from the ffwrnes theatre in Llanelli for their epic all night Iliad marathon.

It's a theatrical adaptation as ambitious in its methods as in its subject.

Inside the theatre its a studio set up with the audience scattered around in plastic chairs and a uniformed cast restless and grim pace between people. Voices, a man speaks, the epic begins, the great intractable battle that was… Continue

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Trialog: Y Fenyw Ddaeth O'r Mor + Critical Chinwag + Sibrwd ap

On friday night i attended an event at Clwyd Theatr Mold that was a little bit more than just seeing a play...

Four of us had agreed to take part in one of the NTW hosted 'Critical Chinwag' sessions, a really simple idea to get people talking about a play afterwards, in an informal way. Throw into this some matters of translation and varying degrees of Welsh…

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Studio/ rehearsal/ office space available near Bangor, North Wales

Hi NTW North Wales people!

are you a performer or performing group looking for rehearsal or workspace in the North Wales area?

we are a collective of artists and performers running a shared space on a cost basis.



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