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No Say

Tiger Bay now known as Cardiff Bay

If I had my way it would still be called Tiger Bay

But we don't have A say in the place we stay

Aristocrats are the main players im just a poet in A play

So i won't follow blindly

Knowing the truth won't lead me astray

They potray us as scum

We A close knit community

Living in a place…

Added by ahmed ibrahim hassan on June 23, 2012 at 23:14 — 1 Comment

My Community

I'm from A close knit community

Some living in luxury

Which ease's the pain of those living in poverty

We don't feel the classism rivalry

Nor do we support the racism in society

Full heartedly I'm against that negative ideology

I'm positive with my thoughts never half hearted

Bring us justice i'm with you no matter the colour

Free my sister from…

Added by ahmed ibrahim hassan on June 23, 2012 at 23:07 — 1 Comment

Our visit to Aberystwyth

The show in Aberystwyth was amazing, It was the first time most off us (Ali,Ahmed,Daud and Bash) watched a thearte show. It was quite interesting because we thought we'd just be watching a show, But it played out quite different. Everyone was given an ipod as soon as you pressed play you'd have to follow the instructions carefully. Every one set out in a different direction, at times it seemed we were in a scary movie, passing graveyards and other ancient site. It was a good tour around the…


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