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Improvised Madness - Spontaneous Theatrics

Ludus Ludius Improv Theatre peops have collated the tears of a mongoose and the splashes of a baby to make the wonders of the truly amazing.


As with most days it includes the spontaneous happenings of life. But when I think back we can highlight the fun of the days that have passed.


Nathan has written a fair few articles, watched some of the American's Thank God You're Here and got some kids to play silly-beggars in a classroom. Not to mention the…


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Actors Needed! Improv show in Edinburgh Fringe.

Righto people!


(That is my new start that I seem to find fun to type, who knows why).


Anyway down to serious business. Ludus Ludius are in search of 4 - 5 actors whom have improvisation experience or willing to put the time in to gain some. Unlike the usual casting methods your gender, cv nor appearance is of much concern. (Obviously a mix of genders is what we need, but that'll come into play if we have 4 males already cast and thus would have to only seek…


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Ludus Ludius' Improv Workshops @ Chapter Arts

NEW SYLLABUS: The Journey To The Unknown

In our Improv workshops we embark on a pathway to the unknown. Our weekly Wednesday workshops are held at Chapter Arts Centre. Pre-bookable for every week in the run of 6 weeks. The sessions begin at 7pm. The marvellous host, Nathan Keates, shall lead the journey; finishing the exploration at 10pm.

The 'The Journey To The Unknown' workshops are meant for all. Designed so absolute beginners can come and join in the jollities of improv.… Continue

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NEW Wednesday Improv Comedy Workshops

Wednesdy Improv Comedy Workshops

...NEW syllabus!

These will run in patterns of 6 weeks at Chapter Arts Centre. Wednesdays, 7pm - 10pm. Three hour sessions each week to start the 'Journey To The Unknown'. Its a new era of workshops.

These will be using the NEW syllabus that has been created for the relaxation of the players that workshop. Making the task of engaging in spontaneity more like our everyday laughter that we know we deserve.…

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Weekly Wednesday Workshops - Improvisation

Ludus Ludius Improvisation Theatre co has a new syllabus.

Running workshops and productions amongst other improvised activities.

SIDETRACK: Worskhops for Glamorgan Improvisation Troupe are held at your university (to book on or show interest email…


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Christmas Improv Jam

Its coming up to Christmas and we are all getting busier,

So lets make it more by making Cardiff more prettier.

Ludus Ludius' improv jam can happen when you like,

We'll suit the majority and it'll be fun like riding a bike.

If you don't like bikes and rather silliness and spontaneity,

Our jam will just be tasty and impulsively like a deity.

When would you come to this happening and event?

What date suits you? As you're the important cement.

Is the… Continue

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Ludus Ludius are now casting TWO improv shows...

Exciting news, as Ludus Ludius (Cardiff, Wales) are now casting for their two new improvisation productions that are due to be performed monthly.

We need two players, one musician and one technician for both shows. That means we are looking for double that list, as there are TWO shows.

Spread the word, as our big news needs is too exciting for control. To apply to any of the positions all you have to do is email… Continue

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Boxing/wrestling ring for a French Import impro format???


Anyone know of a boxing/wrestling ring?

I do know people who could tell me, but I don't tend to bump into them.

(This is another format that will take a while to get going, unfortunately.)

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Improv Musicians

Hello one and all,

As time goes forth, I realise that the vital role that is needed for generally the whole improv community on Cardiff at the moment is one (which this blog will focus on), musicians that imrprovise (ie, Improv Musicians) and two, teccies that improv too.

Personally in my attempt at getting a to the stage where we can do a full musical that is improvised would be great. In order to do so, it is vital to locate some Improv Musicians in… Continue

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Flurry of Florence, Chapter Arts centre THIS FRIDAY and SATURDAY

Ludus Ludius’ Flurry of Florence Improvised Theatre Production

Improvisation at its Bravest: A Full-length play

With the full theatrical experience of a grand story with music, costume, lighting and set that doesn’t normally come with impro. Ludus Ludius creates theatre through improvised playfulness at Chapter Arts Centre on 31st July to 1st August.

Ludus Ludius are an upcoming theatre group that is pure improv to its core. Aspiring to go onstage with… Continue

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'Playtime With Us' review, Fair Play festival

They were amazing... It was gob-smacking... and utter filth.

Ok, I'll explain. We got there and they were all in the sun, thus the Main Stage of the Fair Play festival where we took to the stage at 3.15pm to perform 'Playtime with Us' was on dirt and gravel. We often were on the floor on the dusty ground that became our oxygen.

With Bristol Zoo and urination issues to wanting cake and dying from the sun's heat in the Sahara. We sang and improvised our way through the games… Continue

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Flurry of Florence, Improv @ Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Ludus Ludius Improv theatre co has its long-form improv show in Y Llofft @ Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales.

Fri 31st July and 1st August, 8pm

Flurry of Florence is a full-length improvised play that has all the theatricals of a normal play.

It's Improv at its… Continue

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Ludus Ludius Improv Theatre co. Upcoming Events

Can't find how to add events, so I am doing it this way.

UPCOMING SHOWS: Improv UK (Wales) - Shining Wits vs. Ludus Ludius @ Llanover Hall, Saturday 27th June 7:00pm

To attend then please get in touch via email or phone Llanover Hall on 029 2063 1144.

The Flurry of Florence, long-form, Y Llofft @ Chapter Arts Centre, 7:30pm. Phone Chapter Arts Centre: 029 2030 4400.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Intensive Weekend Workshop on Saturday 13th June till 14th June,… Continue

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Intensive Improv Weekend Workshop

Intensive weekend workshop is on Saturday 13th June 09 to 14th June, starting at 10 AM till 4PM @ The Annexe, Ebenezer Chapel, Charles Street, Cardiff CF10 2GA. This workshop is suitable for beginners to improvisation and performance.

The journey to the unknown starts off the discovery and exploration of improvisation with Ludus Ludius' focus of play and playfulness. Throughout the weekend we get to know the players and discover the unknown together and exploring what improv is about… Continue

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