Sooo day 2 done and another 4 shows under the belt.

We started with our first show at 12.30 across the other side of Edinburgh. A really enjoyable half an hour show by Bandwagon called 'Rotten Little story'. Then we stopped for lunch.


After lunch we trekked across town to our next show of the day 'Hedda Gabler' by Palindrome Theatre Company. I really enjoyed this piece, it's not the sort of thing that I would pick to watch myself but the story telling was strong as where the performances.


After the show we walked around Edinburgh a bit exploring the city we stopped off at the Traverse to check the venue out for 'Dark philosophers' which I'm looking forward to see at the end of the week as i didn't get a chance to see it in Newport. We continued our walk until we found an e4 booking office where we booked tickets for our evening show.


Ricketts Lane  was the first show of the evening and I was the one who was so excited to see it. I was a little let down a adult puppet show sounded just up my street but overall the show felt like a family show if there wasn't so much swearing. I was expecting something very different from what I got which was more like a puppet musical with swearing.


The last show of the night for me was Muscle by Shock N Awe performance co. This has been my watch of the festival so far it's combination of storytelling with dance is really enjoyable to watch. Hopefully a few of you got a chance to see this in Chapter before it came up for it's Fringe run. The cast of 5 take on a number of different roles and tell a range of stories on what it is to be a man, some funny, some heart wrenching. It's on in Zoo Roxy at 20.00 for the rest of the run I would really recommend this show.


After this I caught up with a few old friends who are also up in Edinburgh working on a range of different projects or in one case just visiting. We all headed over to Forest cafe for there launch night of Forest Fringe although there program of events doesn't begin for a few days. Forest cafe is an amazing place friendly warm and just a little different. I enjoy being back hear after spending a lot of time in the venue last summer it was nice to come back to it and see it was still doing so well. After a little dance we all came back hear to talk about what other show we would like to see and what we had enjoyed so far.


Here is a link to a recap video of Day 2


All the best


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Comment by Christina Handke on August 7, 2011 at 23:30
Wish I could be there :( Have a very good time... x

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