10 Minute Musicals - Leeway Productions/The Other Room- Reflections of an emerging director by Luke Hereford

Ten Minute Musicals- Leeway at The Other Room- 22/1/17

Reflections of an Emerging Director by Luke Hereford


From a song about sugar daddies and a lament for a loaf of bread to a one Minute Musical about how best to make an omelette, Day Two of 10 Minute Musicals has offered a variety of rewarding work for this Emerging Director, and it's safe to say that our Sold Out showing this coming Sunday, January 29th will offer the same to our audience. 

This week, our ten performers joined our little creative hub at The Other Room, and although the first few moments of the day felt a little like a repeat of the first day of school vibes we briefly encountered last week, following some collaborative tasks to get to know our performers more fondly, the groups took to their own little corners in a very chilly Porter's, and started work on their own pieces ready for next Sunday. 

In this Artist-led environment, naturally the groups are encouraged to embrace their own personal skills, styles and preferences of working, which will create an evening of range and contrast in style and context, and at the end of Day Two we parted ways with five 10 Minute Musicals all at various stages of development and readiness. 

You may be worried for our intrepid artists - perhaps this means some will be "better" than others; alas, the joy of this project dictates that each of our artists revels in the process, whether that means taking one of the explorative tools we've practiced for their future work, or finding that writing for a particular performer with the help of their own personal input works wonders for them and their creative output; and that's far more the most important part of 10 Minute Musicals, rather than each artist creating a polished finished product. 


This week has allowed for me to put my some of my own facilitation skills into further practice to help the groups towards what they're aiming. Facilitation is about identifying needs, and the openness of this experience has allowed for consistent communication between the groups and the facilitators, allowing for a deep level of understanding of each artists needs and what their next steps might be. 

This level of progression and the quality of the work to this point stands our little company in very good stead for next weeks showing, I think I speak for everyone involved when I say we are very excited indeed to share our work; hope to see you there!

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