10 reasons to apply…Artists' Playground

With less than three whole days before we close Artists’ Playground to applications, I thought it was about time I told you my top 10 reasons to apply…

Here goes:

  1. You'll grow your (international) networks - you'll meet interesting people who will question, challenge, entertain and engage you including the whole team behind the brilliant Performance Group TUIDA
  2. You'll have time to reflect the work you make (at home and whilst you’re away), and reasons you make it.
  3. You'll be inspired to try new things and make things happen - it could be the start of your next big project.
  4. Learn different skills, understand alternative approaches and experience different ways of seeing and thinking.
  5. Have a greater understanding of what it means to make work across borders.
  6. We'll take you to a beautiful part of the world, one that you may not otherwise see - a village on the outskirts Hwacheon town, South Korea!
  7. You will surprise yourself. You may even scare yourself.
  8. It will be fun (and totally bewildering at the same time).
  9. Great food and drink - Korean food is TASTY. There will be plenty of food prepared lovingly just for you by our friendly village neighbours.
  10. We'll look after you.

And cheeky one for good luck: the application will only take you a few minutes and if the form doesn’t work for you can contact me to talk about alternatives methods.

Apply here.

DEADLINE: 31 Mar 2017, 18:00 (UK Time)

Give it a pop.

Good luck


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