The first in a series of weekly blog posts explaining 5 key changes we’ve made to the online community.


By now you’ve had enough time to navigate yourself around the latest changes of the online community 2.0 this post explains changes to the ‘My Profile’ page.


We have added some new profile information questions - to update these settings click on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right of the ‘Profile Information’ box.


View the perfect profile page. It is important for all members old and new update the information on their profile page because…


1. The more information you share the easier it is for members in the community to find like minded soul or promote opportunities.

2. By sharing your personal website, online CV or project the community is gaining an insight into who you are and what you do.

3. When someone searches your name in Google your National Theatre Wales profile page will rank quite highly in the search listings.

4. By contributing this way you increase the quality of engagement for yourself and the whole of the community



Make the ‘My Profile Page’ your landing page when you come to community we have made this page central to your online community activity.

Your profile page is central to the activity taking place in ‘your personal network’ and it’s your first port of call for all of the below.


• Contribute to the community by using ‘Your Dashboard’ *see below

• Monitor conversations taking place in blogs and debates

• Monitor your friend requests and invites

• Monitor the latest activity taking place in ‘My Groups’

• Monitor the latest activity and messages on your comments wall

• View your network by using the ‘My Friends’ function

• Check your inbox for personal messages from other members

• Catch up on the latest from NTW twitter account


We have made it even easier for you to contribute to the community with the addition of our ‘Your Dashboard’ you can share with the community directly from your profile page with just one click.


+ Write a post

+ Add an event

+ Create a group



If you have any questions about the site an profile pages in particular, please post a comment below and we’ll make sure you get a reply More information on getting started

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