'A Provincial Life' is well underway... and I am just having the time of my life :)

Hello there! Haven't blogged in a while; I apologise!
Since my last blog, we have rehearsed as an ensemble, taken trips up to London for costume fittings, arrived at the Sherman Theatre, entered a rehearsal room full of so many props that I had to blink a few times, got on stage for the longest tech run ever and opened the show!

Rehearsals have been a-maz-ing. Extremely long, but extremely worth it! As the youngest in the cast I suddenly feel so new to this, but I am genuinely having the most incredible experience. Peter, as always, amazes me. The man is a genius and I have so much respect for him, its quite unbelievable. He is a perfectionist yet cares so much for every performer on that stage.

A week long technical rehearsal was very tiring, however watching the production come to life was stunning with every cast member achieving this beautiful energy that Peter wished for :)The dress run before opening night was so rewarding; I think we all felt proud of what had been achieved and agreed that this production was to be truly spectacular.

Friday 2nd March, opening night and everyone backstage have feelings of nerves and excitement rolled into one; all eager to get out on stage and make Peter proud. The audience were incredible, laughing and reacting and it lifted everyone's spirits futher, especially with the lively, welcoming entertainment in the foyer afterwards in which national theatre wales kindly organised.

Saturday, peter expressed his happiness and we opened yet again to a quieter, yet once again lovely audience. I think everyone was happy for a lie in sunday (although I had college!) Before a dress run and press night! Monday the 5th of March... Just, wow. A full auditorum, incredible atmosphere, nerves, excitement; the list goes on! The show was amazing and the full lively reception in the foyer afterwards just made me smile so much :)

I'm just feeling on top of the world right now. At 18years of age, and to be involved in this incredible production is one thing... But the bonuses are never ending; I love my fellow ensemblers, every single one just so lovely and talented and we all get on so so well! The cast are a bit of an inspiration to me if I'm honest; all of them make an effort and I'm learning so mch from them, I'm so grateful for their kindness and just feel so lucky to work with such incredibly talented professionals. Very single person backstage is amazing and are orking constantly, all hours, just to get everything perfect! A huge thankyou to julia who gave me this oppurtunity and for everything she has done for us; I have never seen any human being work as hard as she does! And of course to peter; a genius I never thought I'd get the oppurtunity to work with.. But a genius who is just so loving and kind and caring.

Roll on the rest of the run! Good luck to the rest of my fellow cast :) and just lots of love really! :) x

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Comment by John Williams on March 6, 2012 at 23:10

Love you Abi :)

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