So we're now four weeks into the second stage of the project which are the queer community workshops.

The sign-up was great and we were able to get participants for all workshops so it kicked off with a positive bang- the choir started learning their first Christmas song, the acting group started to improv, the writing group started creating characters and thinking of narratives, the filmmakers got straight into filming, dancers are dancing and artists are creating!

There was a little dip in week three in terms of attendance. Some people were ill, some were working, others on holiday. Of course, this happens, and we have to accept that all of our participants have lives and that we cannot expect them to drop everything for EIGHT weeks to be a part of this show. It's a really hard balance to strike at times I find because half my head is saying "be flexible, work with and alongside their lives, let it grow organically" and then the other half of my head is saying "we have a show in six weeks!!!!!" 

So, this week, I have decided to listen to different part of my head. The one that's slightly in the middle, the one that says- "start piecing things together Beth, start collecting the fragments that are being created in the workshops and start playing with putting them together. Put a couple of characters that have been created together on a page and see what happens, let it develop." I'm also interviewing people within the queer community of Swansea and being inspired by countless stories, incidents and individuals. Also on my list these next few weeks is to meet up with as much local talent as possible to see if they'd like to contribute to our production. (Any Swansea creatives reading this, get in touch!

So, yes, feels like we've come a long way but we've got so much longer to go...........onwards!

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Comment by Ryan Romain on October 30, 2013 at 10:08

Sounds like a really enjoyable process!  Keep smiling and remember you're brilliant-it'll be great! See you soon.x

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