A sustainable theatre : Willow theatre/Theatr Helygen at World Stage Design


(This Post was written by Megan (community.nationaltheatrewales.org/profile/MeganChildsand Moon.)

 On Sunday, as a part of <Art Criticism Digital Workshop>, we visited Willow Theatre which won Sustainable Theatre Competition has been built in the Courtyard Anthony Hopkins Centre at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Have you heard about the 'sustainable theatre' before? Let me show you this clip first. (If it doesn't work well, you could see it here here as well.)


▲ The build with the RWCMD live web cam. Let's see briefly how it was built!

(As part of WSD2013, a temporal, sustainable theatre has been constructed in the courtyard of the Anthony Hopkins Centre at RWCMD. This was built by volunteers.)

(We could find out displayed information before getting into the building.)



What do you think of this theatre? Have you found any interesting point in these pictures?

* * *

After seeing this theatre, we wanted to pose the questions,

"How and why would you use this space?'"

 We, Megan and I wanted set designers, directors, producers and all the artists to know how it was created and the reason we use this sustainable theatre. After looking around the theatre, we could meet a producer from Taiwan.

▲ Here's an interview with a producer of Willow theatre.

(If it doesn't work well, you also can check it out here.)

* * *

To help you understand better, we'd like to quote some sentence of Ian Evans, WSD2013's technical director and a senior lecturer at EWCMD. : "The design brief was a tough one. We asked for a venue that was eco-conscious, could seat up to 150 people, host a variety of events and be self-built, all for an outlay of less than £20,000."

The building's strength comes from hired and returnable industrial scaffolding while the decorative fronds and interior walls are made from UK-produced horticultural fleece, a re-usable material which can also be recycled to make more of the same fabric. Internal fittings, including the floor and wooden seating are re-usable, recyclable and/or reclaimed and the roof is retractable to take advantage of natural light and ventilation.

* * *

Would you like to get more information?

You could get some information about People Profit Planet, one of the project in World Stage Design 2013

at http://www.wsd2013.com/whatson/people-profit-planet/. It is about the Sustainability in Creative Practice.


And here are also the information about Tim Lai, Architect of this theatre http://laiarchitect.com/

and Brad Steinmetz, Theatre Designer of this theatre http://bradsteinmetz.com/

Please share your ideas on how this space could be used -

Thank you very much for reading the post. Diolch!

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Comment by Moon Noh on September 16, 2013 at 19:30

Hello Guy, thank you for reading!

It was great opportunity to learn and try how I could make any interaction using new media tools. Thanks again!

Comment by Guy O'Donnell on September 16, 2013 at 18:43

Hi Moon

Great blog this must have taken a great deal of work thanks for your response.

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