Abandoned Brothers - the exhaustion that follows

Thank so much to those who came to see Abandoned Brothers last week, and to Elin Williams and Cory Ann Ship for coming and reviewing it. You both made some really good points -  this piece and Re-Live's work in general don't fit into a neat category. Maybe we're creating a new category. We're using the phrase "documentary theatre" at the moment, but it could equally be testimony theatre or witness...

For us the process has been extraordinary and the moment of hearing those stories shared with an audience was really something. The group didn't want to take a bow at the end, but they stood there on that stage and had standing ovations 2 nights running. I stood on the side of the stage and watched, wondering what that truly felt like for them, after so many dark nights of feeling alone with their pain and thinking that society didn't care, to see this crowd of strangers applauding them on their feet and baring witness to their stories.

We're all now pretty exhausted but also excited by the response to the show. And wondering where we go from here...

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Comment by Elin Williams on June 18, 2012 at 15:52

standing ovations were more than deserved. Pleasure reviewing it. Look forward to subsequent projects! Another massive well done!

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