We are 3rd year film and Video students studying at the university of south wales, currently In the production stage of our final graduation film which will be 15 minutes in length and is currently being called 'Our Life and Joy'. 

Basic story:
‘Our Life and Joy’ follows an elderly David, as he takes care of his wife Helen, an aged potter. She is now frail and unable to completely take care of herself. Amidst the good times and the hardships, David dedicates his time to something in his control – the clay. Memories are brought to life and with them, an insight into their relationship and David’s inner world and conflict.

It is said that clay has its own memory…

UK, 2015. “Our Life and Joy” focuses on David as he takes care of his wife Helen, an aged potter, who is now frail and unable to completely take care of herself. We follow the daily life and issues they face. 

In the time he has taken care of Helen, he has developed a habit of working with clay. When she rests, David visits Helen’s old pottery studio as a means to get away from it all. It’s here where he can concentrate on something in his control: the clay; the only thing in his life at the moment. As he shapes the clay, memories are brought to life through his senses; primarily the touch. These moments are short-lived however, as David needs to return. He gathers up his strength and is ready to ‘resume’ his life and begin another day. 

Days go by… and David begins to show signs of fatigue and brittleness himself.  

We are looking for 4 actors:
David: an elderly gentleman who is currently looking after his sick wife.
Helen: Davids wife who is a retired potter. 
Young David: who will feature in his memories 
Young Helen: who will feature in Davids memories 

At the moment we particularly need audition-ees for old Helen (aged 60 ) and Young David (aged between 25 to 35), although all of the roles do still need to be filled. 

If you are interested in any of these roles please apply.

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Comment by Philippa Cole on January 26, 2015 at 14:41

Hi there,

I am interested in this, primarily young helen, please can you give me more info. Shoot dates etc.

My email address is cole.philippa@yahoo.co.uk.

Please get in touch and I can email you my Spotlight link (showreel) included.

Thanks Philippa

Comment by Elaine Paton on January 20, 2015 at 12:02

HI, I would be interested in playing Helen.  Please could you email me so I can send you my cv or you can call me  elainepaton16@gmail.com    07985296956  Look forward to hearing from you.  Elaine Paton

Comment by Ellen Morris on January 20, 2015 at 0:04

Is there an e mail address?

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